If you have not done the Survey 

Current Open Positions
  1. Keyword Specialist 
  2. Active Campaign 
  3. Content Writer
  4. Blog Writer
  5. Repurpose Writer
  6. Developer html to Word Press
  7. Developer Word Press
  8. Beaver Builder
  9. Social Media Expert
  10. Strategist
  11. Affiliate Manager
  12. White Label Sales

Know The End Goal


End Goals

Make something helpful that users refer to others. 

People buy it


  1.  the right price
  2. expand markets
  3. DailyTargets
  4. monthly Income
  5. Customer Aquisition
  6. Upsell and resell
  7. Encourage Referrals
  8. Affiliates
  9. White labels

Helping People

  1. Courses Help
  2. Customers Feel Cared for
  3. Learners get good value
  4. Packages for different levels
  5. tag and segment customers
  6. Imformation
  7. build automations for everything
  8. easy to find and get help


Roles and KPI

What is your role?
"kpi" Categories

Role Categories are:

  • Strategy
  • research
  • Content Creation 
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Managing
  • Accounting
  • development

What is your kpi?

  • Job Title
  • Project
  • Job Goals
  • Schedules
  • Milestones
  • Work Process
  • Assessment
  • task lead
  • meeting times
  • communication



Work flow

  • (endgoal)
  • clearly defined
  • How to Do the work
  • what to do
  • Coordinating
  • timeline
  • milestones
  • deadlines
  • Self managed
  • by hour
  • project


Work is outlined as follows

  • Acheivable goal
  • budget
  • resources
  • progress resports
  • results
  • records
  • spreadsheets
  • forms
  • measurement
  • evaluation

Measuring Progress

measuring is not so much like a quota. it is movement towards the endgoal.

  • everyone must understand and agree on what is being measured and how it is measured.
  • everything is a process which is sometimes super easy and other times really really difficult.
  • goals are dreams and hopes.
  • they havent happened yet.
  • we should try out best to "get them"

Hyper focus

  • do things when you have thought of the most efficent way to get the job done
  • if there is something to learn, communicate it, and get help, or learn it on your own.
  • assume there is lots of work that will continue and the mandate is to keep moving.

resrouces required

  • use spreadsheets, forms. surveys, and other to keep track of what has happened and users information and activity.