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Maybe you can find some answers?
See if you can get some ideas and help yourself.

These articles and blogposts talk about things like taking control of your journey.   Reaching Higher Goals! About You!

The English Industry and schools care about money and managing students, not your goals.  Can you feel that?

There are also the best methods and ideas for success that you will see the best teachers saying.  We can tell you the truth and help you reach your goals.   Go Get Your Dreams!


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Are You Satisfied With Your English?

Everyone Succeeds and Fails.
But, do they succeed enough?
Have You?  Are You Satisfied?

Have YOU Succeeded Enough?
Equally important: If the answer is not yet,
do you know what to do reach your goals?

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Why is being good at English important?

A big question many ask is why do so many people study English and want to learn English?  After all, Chinese is the most spoken followed by Spanish!  English is third, not first.  Yet more people study English as a second language than any other.  Lots of unusual information!

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At first English Is Easy. Is it still fun?

English is very easy at first because usually people can understand you when you say hello, nice to meet you, how are you, how old are you..... no matter how good or bad your pronunciation is.  It is easy to be successful. 

Later, there is not a lot of pressure from parents, teachers, or work.  Or you are not satisfied.

If you are reading this you have probably been studying for a while.  Do you feel pressure learning English?  This talks about having fun and becoming good.

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When do you feel proud of your English?

When You Score Higher
When You Get Promotions
When Other People Say
"Wow! You Sound Better!"
"You Sound So Good"

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English Learning Plateau How to Get Unstuck and Feel Better.

Very in depth article covering many aspects of this huge problem.  Possibly the most powerful article we have published.   Look at the chapters:

English Learning Plateau,

Learning Difficulty Levels in English

Being Stuck,

Getting Unstuck,

Want to Quit,

Feel Better Plateau,

What You Study,

How You Study,

Why You Study,

I am OK But I am Discouraged Also,

Rewards for Attaining Your Goals,

The way you talk

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Ideas How to Learn English

Lots of topics from learning vocabulary to questions and question words.

Your reasons to love and learn English.  Improving your life.  Stopping learning English.

Great places to learn.   Biggest mistake learning.