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Let Us Help You Make a Plan

Each learner is individual with individual needs.   Often times we know what we want, but not what we need.  Do you know your English needs?  Most people think they need a school, a teacher, to pass a test, to be fluent.....

The fact is, what is needed is a plan. 

These programs include helping you make a plan.

Each learner is individual with individual needs.   You know from previous studying that your specific questions and needs are not always considered or answered.   This is all about you utilizing our expertise.

We offer basic outlines for beginners, intermediate, and advanced or special purpose English.

The courses and plans are yours for as long as you want.

Yours Forever:

Evaluation and Results  Courses   Learning Plan    Study Methods that will change your English Learning  Any course materials we provide.

Additional fees are for lessons only.

If you love studying with us and can feel your improving, you also get discounts on advancing programs or introducing friends.   When people notice you are getting better and comment it will make you happy.

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Intermediate Basics Includes:

  • Beginners  pronunciation
  • vocabulary
  • listening
  • reading
  • Evaluation
  • Words Course
  • Lessons
  • Learning Plan
  • Beginner Sentences
  • Native Sentences
  • Listening and Reading Practice Introduction

Evaluation    Words      Lessons    Learning Plan      Beginner Sentences   Native Sentences     Listening and Reading Practice Intermediate   Writing Intermediate

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