Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are the 4 skills.

The more connections in our brains the better.  The more integrations o English we can have the better for learning.   Often learners don't get to do all 4 skills and it limits their English Level.

Most have experienced having to learn too much grammar, not enough listening, and almost never read.  On top of this, they feel they have no one to practice with.  This makes for a bad learning combination yet is very common if not the norm.

When learning English using stories as an example, all 4 skills can be utilized.  More importantly, learners can understand the opportunities one story, video, speech, lesson can provide in follow up activities and exercises.


Writing and Speaking are "Output"
Reading and Listening are "Internal"

When we read or listen we hear and see English and internalize it in our brain tries to make sense of what we hear (listen) or see (read).

When we speak or write we are expressing our ideas to the external world so others can understand what we want to say or how we feel.

Listening is the first thing babies do in any language.   Unfortunately, English learners listen the least of any skill and the practice in schools is terrible.   As it becomes so difficult to listen learners do it less and less.  This is a huge problem in learning to listen and speak.    We have some great methods and tis for improving listening however actual listening is necessary.  Doing things that are difficult and time consuming with little rewards is big problem.