F1 Visa Mock Interview Practice




If you are about to take the F1 Visa Interview: 

This includes:

Mock Interview


  • 15 Common Questions
  • 15 Survey Questions
  • Understanding Your Situation
  • Correcting Your Answers
  • Meeting Online for Testing
  • Corrections and Suggestions
  • 2nd Mock Interview
  • Corrections and Suggestions
  • Discounts on additional services

Please Understand:   

All information is completely confidential.

Speak English Today can not guarantee the results of your interview.  It is up to you.  We will help you as much as we can.

When emailing questions to you, it is very important that you answer each question.  If you do not answer  a question = it may be important.

We make this product and service very inexpensive, however very high quality and we care about you.

If you want and need additional help and more meeting online we are happy to help you and offer you a discount on upgrades.

Examples of upgrades:

  • Longer online sessions (over 20 minutes).  The Mock Interview takes less than 5 minutes.  Then 15 minutes of advice or practice.

  • More detailed help with paperwork.

  • Contacting institutions and embassies

  • Written evaluation of your English Ability

  • Pronunciation Practice (many students want this)