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What to Consider Choosing Where and How to Study English 

This will help you to begin to understand what to do to begin to love Studying English, how to choose a Language Program, and things to avoid that will make you not feel good about learning English.  You should have fun and improve each day.

Study English Online?  What People Want to Find:

Speak English Today helps students in person and online.  When I Google the words "Study English Online" you will get over 9 billion possible results.  That is way too many for anyone to look at, so let's look at what it actually means for you, a person wanting to learn English as quickly and effectively as possible.

These are some of the main reasons people search for Study English Online:

Looking for Help (Sometimes knowing what they want, other times just wanting advice and what to do next.)

Searching for online courses, tutors, English Lessons, or actually studying with somebody.

Many are looking for information about something they have on a test or homework.

Others want an application or App to study usually on their smartphone.

Of course what most English learners need is inspiration and motivation.

Along the way everyone hopes for some secret shortcut ort fantastic method that works.

Whatever we look for online, including me,

  • we want fast information,
  • instant help, and
  • immediate gratification.

How to Improve English is the big question! 

So many people, teachers, websites, and businesses say they have or know the best techniques and know how to learn the English Language.  Over 1.5 billion people are speaking English and many want to speak better.

The best way to improve English is to learn to listen to English and to use Spoken English.  This means learn vocabulary and phrases and be able to use them in order to communicate.  As easy as this is to say, it is not so easy to do, although many promise to help you, not many can. 

The truth is that humans are ready to learn languages at birth. It is one of the amazing things humans can do.  Only humans do it so well.  This is called "Language Acquisition".  Learning a language by acquiring it from all around you.  Unfortunately students who don't live in an English Speaking area can not be "Immersed" or surrounded by English.  

his is a problem that has to be solved.  Not living in an English country and learning it as an additional language.  Bigger problem is not learning it as acquiring a language.

Buying English Courses and Help

When you purchase a language course, Ask these questions:

Will you have access to teachers for help?

Can you contact someone you can rely on and ask questions.

Is information you get clear and not annoying sales messages?

Do they meet and exceed their promises during sales?

Do they honor their guarantees?

3 things that I like. 

They are good, they are real people who will help you, and students who learn from them become better at English.

The most important thing is this:

What are the goals and how are they measured?


Where and How to Study English

How do you Decide?

First let me ask you:

Do you know how to make the the best decision choosing where and how to study.  

Will you learn in a:

  • Local class
  • Study in school
  • Use the incredible online resources for free
  • Online paid ESL courses


Apps and Games

  • Practice with your friends
  • Seek out foreigners on social media to communicate with
  • Talk everywhere and not be shy?
What are the Goals and How are they Measured?

A goal has to be something you can do.  It like something measurable. 

As an example we all want a lot of money. 

If you are a student, who usually do not have a lot of money $50 can help you have a lot of fun. 

If you are a business with many employees, $50 is not a lot.   

For a 5 year old one dollar is a lot.  If you are 25, it is not. 

So we must be careful how we choose goals. 

Sorry to disappoint you:

Fluency is not a goal you can measure easily although many big businesses try. 

Being able to talk about a topic is a goal. 

Being able to travel and talk to your hotel and a restaurant is a goal.

Are you satisfied with your English Skill Progress? 

Languages take a while to become fluent.  Even native languages take 4 or 5 years to acquire.

Have you spent too much time already and not seen the results you want?

Has everybody promised you things that have not come true?

Promises like:

  • speak fluently in 3 months,
  • communicate in 1 week, and
  • learn quickly,
  • money back guarantees?

Many ESL programs are good.  Some are not. 

Many school try to be good however their main goal is to be a business and make money.

In fact, many of my colleagues online have really good programs. (More on this later…) 


Some English as a second language Study Programs are not very good and will not help you Improve you’re English. 

How do you know if an English Program is good or not effective.

Some of the most popular schools and most famous teachers do not produce results. 

This means that you will not be able to talk after studying.

How do you know?

Unfortunately, these may have the best advertising.  I want to help you choose better.

Do You Know How to Study the Best Way and save Money and Time?

  • Can You Learn Quickly: Yes if you are not stressed and do not only study grammar and vocabulary.
  • Talk Confidently: Yes if you practice and are not confused about what to say.
  • Find Free ESL Resources: Yes if you know what to look for in a quality program.
  • Know Someone who will Help You:  Yes but maybe you are not sure who at this time. You do have someone.
  • Know Good Teachers from Bad ESL Programs: You must know this.  No measurable goals = bad. Hype = bad
  • Understand how to Save Money and Time?: These are so important to save. Learning the right way with focus on attaining goals is the best way.  Having a system that makes the process easy.  Practicing and improving is important.

Why do you want to Study English?

This is so important!

Today at lunch with some other university lecturers from different countries we had a very interesting conversation.  We answered what students say when asked why they want to study English.

The answers were:

  • I want to make a lot of money
  • I want to talk to foreigners
  • I want to be fluent
  • I want to study in America 

Two of these are identifiable and measurable goals: Talking to foreigners and studying in USA. 

They can be measured. A plan can be made to accomplish these. 

Making a lot of money depends on more things than English. 

Fluency is a wide range of language skills.  Not a target.

A really great answer is that you want live somewhere new?

Great answers are learning to talk at hotels, get through immigration, shop in English, get around airports and train stations, order food at restaurants, listen to music or watch movies, make friends in English...

All of these are easy and fun to do AND can be measured. 

Without these it is much more difficult to choose the best way.     

Another things to consider is if you are a student and must follow what your parents tell you and the school tells you. 

Immersion to Learn English and Polyglots (people who speak many languages)

Acquiring English or Language Acquisition is  the miraculous way humans learn to speak their native language. 

Immersion is living somewhere the new language is spoken.  This is great but not always possible if you are still young, or do not have the money to go somewhere, visa problems, or just being afraid.  That is why you must find ways to become as involved and immersed as possible wherever you are.

Polyglots listen to audio recordings on the way to work or school, study vocabulary according to a topic, practice speaking about a topic, set goals  of how to do specific life things and practice.  They become totally involved and committed to learning the language.  Often they find a mentor or friend to help them.  Eventually they go to the place that speaks the language. 

I do a mini polyglot things because I travel all over.  I learn how to do things in the language of the place I am going.  i can't speak very much.  I find it amazing how happy people are that I tried a little. 

My Reward

The amount of help and experience I have is greatly enhanced by trying to learn some functional language.  I am 100% focused and learn it quickly because I am highly motivated and what I am learning is limited and measurable. 

How can you highly motivated?  What are you focusing on?  What is your reward?  When will you get your reward? 

Without rewards it is very difficult to be focused and motivated.

If English isn't easy and fun, it may be hard and not interesting.

I am sorry to say that a lot of EFL, ESL, ESOL, or whatever your English language program will always fail to do one simple thing.  It is super simple, but by far the most important thing.  They fail to allow you to have fun and become confident Listening and Speaking English.

Most students tell me they are “very bad” or “can’t do it”.  This is terrible that they feel this way.  They should feel great about whatever little bit they know and can do.  Unrealistic goals have been set for them.  Probably they do not know the way to accomplish these goals, the goals are not their own, and they want to say they are bad so you don't think it.

I will tell you the secret (that all of my teacher friends, linguistic scientists, online ESL website buddies all say.

It’s one of those things that is so clear and easy to say and think about, yet for some, nearly impossible to do.

Listen all you can, everywhere you can. Speak English all the time, everywhere!

But, many students are "stuck".  They can not see or feel the improvement or progress.  Often they haven't got a teacher who really cares about their learning.  Speak English Today Cares!

Imagine waking up each morning knowing what you must do to keep improving, and having a fun method to learn.  Imagine making progress daily.

How great would it be to get rid of all your Bad English Habits.  We help you know your bad habits and help you get rid of them and sound great.

Have more fun.


The right way is to use the language.

The right way is to use the language, start speaking immediately, and learn on the fly as you go in context.

The right way is to listen to everything you can as often as you can.

The right way is learning topics you enjoy that are interesting.

The wrong way is stressful, difficult, grammar based, negative, studying.

Stop Wasting Your Time, Money, and Energy Learning English the Wrong Way

It makes me sad when I see discouraged students who deep in their hearts do not think they can ever be good.

Not thinking you can be good will make it difficult for you to enjoy English and accomplish your goals.

There is a lot of money and profit in teaching English.

ESL is Big Business.  Maybe 15 billion a year in profits big business.

There are “English Factories” where teaching English is not the main purpose.  Making money is the purpose.

In many countries the traditional English programs are to be honest, just the exact wrong way to speak and understand English.  Have you ever been to an English Language Center and when you walk in everyone is pretty, professionally dressed, and they promise you everything?  Then 3 months later they give you a little certificate and enroll you in the next course.  After about a year you realize that you’re not progressing very much.  OR

I have a lot of friends teaching online who have developed great learning platforms that all agree.  The smartest experts all say: Students must study the right way in order to speak and understand English the way they want.

Happy to collaborate, Share, and Cooperate



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