• English Skills are things you practice, not memorize.
  • Pronunciation, Intonation, Listening, Soft Skills
  • Things that you can learn to master by yourself with guidance.
  • Part of becoming a great writer is a skill.
  • The way to breathe when speaking is a skill.

Think of a skill as swimming or riding a bike.  You learn by doing, not studying.

I'd hate to study swimming in a classroom then get taken out in the ocean and thrown in.  Id much rather start in shallow water and practice and learn how to swim by practicing.

I n order to be good at English learners must practice.  Most have not got people to practice with or know good methods to practice   We solve these problems for you and provide the best practice.

Pronunciation by far is the easiest English Skill to learn, especially with our method.  Any level can benefit whether it is learning as a new beginner or fixing a few problems as an advance speaker.  Many benefit from knowing problems and just have bad habits.

Intonation is more difficult but can be learned using the sentence and story modules.  Hearing the intonation of hundreds of sentences with clear audio and highlighted text.  Repeating what you hear and try9ng to understand the meanings of the sentences is very helpful.   The stories have incredible intonation by the teachers as well as gestures and English subtitles as the teacher speaks slowly and clearly in English.  Each set of 6 sentences focuses on ne consonant or vowel sound.


Learning vocabulary is really a skill that has more effective methods.  Deep learning repeating the word, using the word, listening to the word, and having the word in many parts of your brain is how to remember vocabulary.

Many of the 4 skills can be broken down into parts.   Parts that are practice and skill based and parts that are learning based.

Writing is the perfect example.  Writing should have form, style, and format.  In order to accomplish great writing learners need to know how to organize their ideas.   I know you have many ideas but have heard that people don't know where to start or how to keep the "flow" interesting and good are problems.  Teaching the way to organize ideas using midmaps, fishbones and outlines has helped our students sore high on IELTS and exams.

Soft skills has skills to practice and methods to learn.  Many companies have us teach writing skills first then teach how to communicate in emails and reports.   Students and workers love this.  It is easy and they can do it and improve writing really fast.  Then they can be more efficient and successful at work.  That should be rewarded!