Speaking Strength is not yelling or speaking really loud.  Of course, you should speak up.  Many speak very quietly and act shy to cover up what they believe to be poor speaking.  So many learners come to us with no power or energy in their speaking.   We teach them to exercise their voices and use air to make them sound stronger.  As they sound better they speak louder with more energy and confidence.

Speaking strength is:

  • Utilizing enough air so the sounds are correct.
  • Having the power to utilize intonation for intent and meanings.
  • Saying every sentence as strong as others.  As strong a they need to be.
  • Not losing volume and pronunciation accuracy the longer you speak.
  • Being able to make powerful points and express what you feel.
  1. English requires air to sound right.
  2. Not all languages need air.
  3. English originates in different areas like the throat or nasal areas.

Air, meaning taking breaths before each sentence is important until you learn how to do English breathing while speaking.   If you see a period or comma, it means take a breath.   Of course most learners learn to speak faster and link words.  Big mistakes.

Go slowly, speak clearly, be strong and use intonation.  That's how to impress and score high.  Ive given thousands of tests and never ever has a criteria been that they spoke fast..  Never.  Always there is requirement to speak clearly.

What is also often neglected or unknown is that English is an inferred language.   This means that a lot has to be guessed at by understanding the previous sentence.   Many languages are logical and explain everything step by step.   In fact, when an English book is translated to some languages it becomes much bigger and longer for this reason.


Boss: "I talked to Harry this morning and he was coughing a lot."
Secretary: "OK I will call Sue to fill in for him"
Boss:  "She's got that big job now"
Secretary: "Oh!, OK, I'll call John, he isn't busy".

Inferred is how people who know each other well speak.  Like they can read each others minds.  Good friends or couples don't need to explain everything.

English speakers use inferred speech as normal talking.  Why is this part of speaking stronger?   Because when using this method you will not only  understand more, you will sound strong and confident in your responses.   You know you can tell a persons language level when listening to them don't you?