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Professional English Pronunciation Evaluations for

Non Native English Teachers.

I have worked with hundreds of teachers who I admire and who have helped me throughout my teaching career.

Many can explain grammar much better than I could ever hope. 

But You Must =  (This evaluation is 100% confidential)

  • Earn  your students respect
  • Speak better
  • Help Your Students NOT to have bad habits.
  • Make you a better teacher.
  • Feel better about improving yourself. 

Students also have more access to media so they know what sounds good and what doesn't.


Confidential Examination Results
Kevin Baratt teaching Speaking English to a class of 100 IELTS Students

You record your voice recording or video of you reading a short story (1-2 minutes). 

This Easy and Inexpensive Evaluation will

Help You to Improve All of These.

Used at Teacher Trainings 

Very Effective and Fast






Here is a short video of all the sounds we evaluate plus comments just for you.

Thousands of English Learners

Have Improved Pronunciation After Using This. 

Your Results Will Be Accurate and You Will Receive FREE Information About How to Fix Your Errors and Sound Better.