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Welcome to the method to
score high on IELTS.

This is not like anything else around.

Students using this method get
study visas, promotions,
scholarships, and jobs....

If you are a serious student,

  • Wanting a high band score,
  • Needing a high band score,
  • Looking for an effective method,


This teaches:

  1. Writing Parts 1 and 2
  2. Speaking Parts 1,2 and 3
  3. Mind Maps and Outlines
  4. IELTS Criteria Examiners Use
  5. Good Writing Structure
  6. The time and word requirements
  7. Strategy for each section
  8. Confident Speaking
  9. Format of Answers for each part.
  10. Soft Skills talking to me ūüôā


Mini Course Explaining What You Will Do


Writing and Speaking.
Short answers and long.
Idioms and phrasal verbs.
I will make this VERY EASY
You Must Practice !


The good news is you will know:

  • EXACTLY what to practice.
  • How the examiner gives scores.
  • How to prepare for any topic.
  • Prepare so you can remember.
  • Memory triggers and tricks.
  • Strong Confident Speaking


Start with 4 lessons for IELTS

The 4 lessons will allow you to see the program, make sure its effective for your style, and help you decide how many lessons you can handle with your current schedule.

The 1st 4 lessons are and introduction, gaining deep understanding of your learning style, and you seeing if you like studying with me.

  1. Week 1 = Mock IELTS Test. Meet each other. A writing and speaking intro and assignments.
  2. Week 2 =  Writing and speaking review,  advice, and learn about strategy ad technique for Speaking Parts 1 an 2.
  3. Week 3 = Begin Writing Part 1 Strategy, do 2 Speaking Topic Mind Maps or Outlines.  Do 1 Writing Part 2 Outline.
  4. Week 4 =  Give me feedback, get my recommendations for your study, discuss study times and costs, and make a learning plan.
  5. Week 5 Forward = Now it gets cooler. You receive your mini course (like and app you can use on your phone).  We work through many topics 1 by 1 making sure you understand each step as we go.  You provide weekly submittals.  You talk a lot.  We work on your voice and pronunciation, intonation and things that help raise scores.

If you have any questions
feel free to Contact M

Start with 4 lessons for IELTS

This is really good.


How to begin your 4 lessons.
Check Your Email
After Submitting

IELTS Studies Information

We start by explaining the IELTS Examiner's Criteria

It's our way o knowing what to say.  To make them happy.  To score high!  It isn't a mystery because every examiner follows the same rules, everywhere, every time.