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Ask Questions to Learn and Improve English

The Most Important things in answering the question “How can I Improve My English” are asking yourself a few questions.  Why do you want to learn?  Do I know the Best Ways to Improve My English?  Who will Help Me Learn English the Right Way?  How to keep going and not quit?

English Language Trick: Use Question Words

The coolest “trick” to learn to communicate in English is to ask and answer questions.  Why should I Study English?  Where will I learn?  What are my English Learning Goals?  How will i accomplish my goals?  Maybe you are in a country where planning for the future isn’t as important as how you live each day.

Find YOUR Reason to Learn English

Is the reason you are  learning English important enough for you to practice and improve your English?  I mean how will you use English in the future?  How will learning English help you?

Top Reasons to Learn English

Many of my students have improved their lives by becoming better at English.  Parents of my students realize their businesses must have English speakers in the future to continue to be successful.   Travel to English Speaking countries is becoming easier and more accessible to people all over the world.  Signs are often in English.  Studying English or Living Abroad?

Who Should STOP Studying English

Many People Should Not Study English   because they have no good reason.   Their reason is that everyone studies it or their parents make them study.  Or they don’t know what else to do so they follow the “pack”.  

It is difficult to see people become sad and discouraged because they are not successful.   The ones who don’t really want to learn English will quit and start and eventually give up trying.

Best and Easy Ways to Improve English

Students who don’t know How to Improve English I can tell you one thing for sure: You can become better in all English Skills at Speak English Today!

Free and Easy Ways to Improve Your English

Listening to English is the natural way and the best.

Speaking Out Loud to Exercise Your Voice

Read English Books

Create and practice conversations for the future.

Learn Vocabulary in Context  SLOWLY  COMPLETELY

Find Friends and Family to Talk and Practice

The Biggest Mistake you make Improving English

ESL Students do not want to each other or local people because they feel they will learn bad pronunciation or grammar.  I have a secret for you….don;t tell anyone… may already have bad pronunciation and grammar!  Maybe it can;t get worse!  Don’t worry about these things!

Bad Pronunciation is EASY to Fix

Sure everyone is going to scream and shout and yell it out “He’s Crazy”!  You may think so but I know I am right.  It is way better to practice and have some bad habits that are easy to fix, than to be quiet and never improve.

After teaching pronunciation I know I can fix any pronunciation error quickly by teaching students how to place their tongue, lips, air flow and other important aspects of speaking like a native.  Other bad habits that cause bad pronunciation can be fixed by repetitions.  Repetitions can also be called punishment!

Facts About English Vocabulary: Friend or Enemy?

More vocabulary improves listening.  GOOD

Students Study Vocabulary but can not listen, understand or speak English.  BAD

You can read well but can’t say ‘I’m fine thank you, how are you”  BAD

You learn English Vocabulary and the Different Forms of Words (Lemmas)  SUPER DUPER

You open your mouth and nothing happens. VERY BAD

You know you know it, but can not find it or express it  SAD

After spending a lot of money on English Lessons You want to try something different that is more effective LIKE SPEAK ENGLISH TODAY