Reading Text 1 English Pronunciation Evaluation

Pronunciation Evaluation Reading: 

Record yourself reading or make a selfie video, send it to

Please Write your name in the subject.

Read this as you naturally speak. 

It is better if you do not practice before.

There is a story (273 words)  that is followed by reading 36 short words.

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This is about this cat, that boy, the sleeping dog, and just a joke.

Did you read about the dog and the cat who was lonely?

A boy was reading a story about a cherry orchard in a chair.

The dog was taking a nap on the boys lap. 

The cat watched. It looked.  It was jealous. 

The cat jumped on the dog and jumped on the boys lap!

Perhaps the people thought the cat was playing with the boy.

My sister thinks cats can’t take time to play with boys or people.

The cat only is jealous of the dog. Not the boy!

The cat ran outside very fast. Of course the dog chased it to an apple tree.

The cats in the apple tree, but the dog is on the ground.

The boy and his sister tried to catch the crazy cat!

The sound of the dog barking went around the world.

This is about the love that I think is the best.

We have been married for 40 years.

He sounds like my world champion.

When he is around I am bold and strong.

I sing to him hold him when he is cold.

Every time I walk with my first love girls look at his eyes.

His eyes say I see into your soul.

Sometimes these stories are so real.

I can really see them like it is near and reality.

Best You Get Away Fast! 

The cats beginning to snarl, the dog begins to growl.

Do you think they really like each other?

I do, I really think they are friends and getting exercise.

Say these individual words 

Did, Big, Lap, Bob, Rat, Scarf, Cat, Back, Has, Session, Is, Was, Because, Like, Really, Late,  Share, Fast, Fats, World, Cold, Bold, Sound, Bond, found, Sounds, Kinds, Ring, Best, Child, Chase, Japan, Just, Explain, Example, Slide

Stop Recording         

Congratulations!  Not So Bad or Stressful Right? 

Now save the recording file and send it to:

Expect email results in 1-3 days.

Thanks and a Really Great Decision!  

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If you are having trouble sending the file, here is some help:  

1. Size: As long as the file is under 2mb which it usually is this is ok.

2. Format:  Any format you record in is ok. Usually it will be M4A

3. The best way is to send the file with a share or send in email option.

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