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Helpful Links About Sending the Recording


This is a powerful way to improve pronunciation. Not just this evaluation but many other ways recording and sending can help you we will learn later.  

Although it is easy AFTER you do it,

it can be complicated the first time. 

If you are having trouble or do not know how, it isn't hard.

Below are links to help you send from your device.

If you are having trouble sending the audio file or video in an email you may want to ask a friend to help.

One of your friends can help for sure. It is easy after you do it once.

 If you want to learn how to do it yourself and be independent we are happy to help you.   First take a look at these links to find out how to send using your device.

The recording will be less than 2 mb,

so size is not an issue.  This makes it much easier.


Here are helpful links which explain the process:


Recording voice on phone IOS and Android:

Sending audio files from your phone:

Sending files from your IPhone:

Sending from computer via email You Tube:

Upload to Google Drive: