Improving Pronunciation to Score Higher Exams

Good Pronunciation is very important for 

Speaking  Parts 1,2, and 3 

University Speaking Exams

Pronunciation is one of the main things IELTS Examiners consider.

If you sound bad it will lower your band score.

You can Improve Pronunciation faster than anything else.

Score High on IELT        Higher Exam Scores

Pronunciation is the most important part of IELTs Speaking. 

Even if you have good pronunciation, mispronounced words can lower your scores. 

This is the  Best Way to Find and Fix these problems.   

Good Pronunciation = Higher Scores

Speak English Today Pronunciation Evaluation LP


This Will Help You:

♥ Easy to do

♥ 10 minutes

♥ Accurate

♥ Effective 

The Purpose of This Evaluation:

Help You Become Confident

Everybody Understands You 

Improve Interviews, Tests, Work, Travel

Tests for All the Problem Sounds

100% Confidential

Evaluation general speaking
evaluation the most sounds
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If you start today,

you can improve very fast.

This finds your exact problems so you can practice and fix them. 

Your Problems Will Be:


Fixed Fast 

Has Video/Audio Files to Practice

It is all very simple and easy and effective.

People will notice you are better.

I have taught IELT students from teenage through university.  I help students get high band scores for study abroad.  I have done mock testing for 3 universities and tested teachers as part of a government program.  I can tell you that pronunciation is really important to get higher band scores.  In 4 different parts of the IELT test, pronunciation is considered.  

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Pronunciation Evaluation


Quickly Find Your Problems 

Help to Fix Your Pronunciation

People will say you sound better!

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