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This is about 

English Pronunciation Myths,

Why People Accept Bad Pronunciation,

The way to change easily,

Read what no one tells you!

What you can learn by reading this page: 

  1. Why people don't need to improve.
  2. People don't know they mispronounce.
  3. The reasons people mispronounce words.
  4. How people feel about their pronunciation.
  5. Why many people cannot fix their pronunciation problems.
  6. Bad Habits and Pronunciation: More than people realize!
  7. Becoming Satisfied with Your Pronunciation and Confidence
    • You will understand more about:
    • Why English is Easier than you think.
    • How to Use English and Have Fun
    • Setting Goals to Win
    • The Way To Reach Your Goals

There are a lot of original ideas here. 

After reading this I hope you will:

Change how you think and feel about English   

Many English Teaching Professionals KNow This Already

To Begin I must say:

"The Level of English Proficiency must match the end use of English." 

How much English YOU need?   

Many people want to have better English,

but do not have the resources or way to Speak English Well. 

Some need a high level of English. 

Others are OK with their current level.

If someone wants to study abroad they need 6.5 or higher IELTS. 

A  tourist guide people should understand and should be fun and helpful.

Occasional English to meet and talk to a foreigner,

maybe You have reached your English Goals. 

At the same time you probably often tell people how bad your English is.....it you have fun, no problem, your English Skill is enough.

Is  pronunciation is important? 

It isn't important if you can do everything you want.  Don't worry about what others think.  If you can communicate what you need and are happy, don't worry. 

You don't need to apologize that your "English is not good". 

If people understand you, it is fine!  Every language i learn I want to have fun and interact with people.  When they laugh it is helping us become friends.  Most people appreciate you trying to say something and interact.

Deep in our hearts, we all know the answers.  When we learn a new language, everyone knows it takes effort and time. 

 What many do not know is that it takes some really useful and effective methods and tips and tricks to learn fast.

It is interesting because it is the reason that many teachers and the general people in societies don't work to have good pronunciation and then pass those bad habits onto others who are beginning to learn.  Societies as a whole pass on bad habits.  Teachers effect hundreds and maybe thousands of others so  "Is it important for teachers to Speak English with Good Pronunciation"?

The people we learn from have a big effect on how we speak.  Who do we learn from?  Our family, neighbors, teachers, friends and then secondarily from English content such as movies, songs, You Tube, and places like VOA  and  TED talks.  Our most influential English Speaking Input is local and real people around us.

Although it is obvious that it is important for testing and professional careers, why do so many not focus on improving pronunciation after learning so many years? 

Maybe more importantly: "Do people realize they mispronounce"?   

Our Minds Play Tricks on Us When Listening to Ourselves Speaking"

Do People Know They Mispronounce?

Yes and No.  We often do not hear in our heads our pronunciation problems.

This is proven scientifically.  I have proven it to myself over and over.  I cannot hear my mistakes until I record my voice and listen.  I sound different on the recording then in my head. 

Try recording your voice and listening and prove it to yourself.

Our brains listen and think we are saying things the right way.  I know when I am learning a language I am sure I am saying it correctly, but am not.  Although I repeat and repeat, my tutor or friend say no, no, no  although My Brain says it is correct.

My brain wants to hear it right and so it sounds ok inside my head. 

As an added point of confusion, there are so many different English Accents. 

Without being scientific, we can't tell where an accent leaves off and become bad pronunciation.

First, Why Do People Mispronounce?

One reason is that it is learned and become a bad habit, the other is the local language doesn't have the sound so mouths aren't trained to make the sound.  Two reasons people mispronounce are bad habits and unable to make the sounds.  Bad habits by far make up most of mispronunciation.

Each culture and country usually have some "normal" and common pronunciation problems.   it may be ending sounds, s, l, r, pairs, bad habits, sounds not found in the native language, or learning from people who also mispronounce words, including teachers. 

Another factor is that learning a language takes practice and too many times students learn grammar and not enough time speaking. 

Shyness and Fear Prevent Good Pronunciation.

Why Don't People Fix the Problems?

I only change when I need to change.

If  I don't need to do something, I almost never work hard to change something I don't need to change.  Especially something as difficult as learning a language!  it is time consuming.

I have enough problems to fix and improve.  I call this functional English and it is fine.  Improved English is for people who need to pass tests, teachers, work related, and for meeting people. 

Are you one of the people who feel they are good enough?  If so you are lucky.  If you are one of those obsessed with fixing any problems I commend you and know how hard you work. 

I am very experienced at teaching pronunciation and know

I can help you very fast, so there is good news for you!

Honestly, how do you feel about pronunciation?

Do you want or need to have better English Pronunciation? 

Have you got what you need to accomplish this quickly? 

You can think of two separate issues: One are sounds your mother tongue doesn't have and so your mouth can't produce them.  It doesn't know how. 

The other is bad habits.   

Usually there are way more bad habit problems than not being able to problems. 

Bad Habit Problems

Let's be honest. Nothing is more difficult to change than a bad habit.  It is how we do things.  We are trained in a bad habits. 

It takes a conscious effort to identify when a bad habit is occuring, intercept it before it happens, and replace it with the "good pronunciation habit", and then to reward that behavior. 

In reality, bad habits are often rewarded by being able to be lazy and not do anything.  Not having to take action and being lazy are great! We can do things we want instead! 

Everybody is doing it!

We can't catch ourselves when we make mistakes and everyone is making similar mistakes!

Better Pronunciation for travel and tourism jobs.

If  you are in a country with a lot of tourism, English is a great way to advance your career.

Recently in Vietnam tourism is booming.   The same in many South East Asian countries.  English is the base language that people from all over use.   In reality, it makes everything much easier when both the tourist and the local staff speak more clearly. 

English For Travel and Tourism 

 There is  not a shortage of entry level (lower pay) positions.  They are increasing and for the most part being filled.  Higher level and higher paid positions were open because of lack of good English Speaking and Writing Skills.

 Recently I was having dinner with Human Resources from some of the local 4 and 5 star hotels.   All told me that they have no problem filling reception, and other positions although the staff could definitely be better, for the most part they did a great job for normal business. 

 All also said that staff had more problems when unusual situations or requests, or problems and complaints happened.  This cause customer dissatisfaction leading to bad reviews on tripadvisor and other travel platforms.  Bad for business. 

Every Human Resource Manager told me that they have open positions for people with better pronunciation and other skills.  They cannot fill these positions even though they pay higher.

English For Travel and Tourism 

Better Pronunciation for Travel

Traveling is great.  Lower airfares and services make travel easier and fun.  People are more mobile and want to experience other countries and cultures.  I travel a lot for work and fun and know that English cannot always be enough to have a positive experience.   I also see how beneficial English is at immigration, hotel check in, and asking simple questions.  Simple English questions and gestures can be very helpful getting around the world.  People at the front line of service and immigration often can speak a little of many languages, English being the most common. 

I have great pronunciation but it doesn't help me in non-English speaking countries.  Asking easy questions and a lot of gesturing works great.  Having fun with it is the way to go.  I am a native speaker.

However, if English is your second language and you are traveling in non-English countries, it is very difficult for the staff to understand you.  I taught for an airline last year and they all told me that Americans and native speakers were no problem to understand.  Some northern British and Australian could be more difficult but not a problem. 

The biggest problems were non English Speakers Bad Pronunciation when speaking English.  They could not understand them.  Often if there was a problem the people were also emotional and speaking too fast.  It was difficult to solve problems.   Part of the difficulty was not being able to understand the non-English speaking customer/traveler.    

Recently when entering USA the person in front of me was asked some simple questions.  They answered very well (I could understand them because I work extensively in Asia.  The questions were about money and where the tourists would stay and what they would do. 

Normal questions and normal answers....however the immigration agent could not understand and it took a long time for the tourist to be allowed entry. 

It is best to practice answers for travel with good pronunciation.

Travel Pronunciation

IELTS and University Exams B1.2 and C1.2

I teach these subjects and also test. 

No matter what anyone says, English Pronunciation is the Key to Higher Scores.

The reason is that during IELTS and other exams how much effort is required to understand you determines your score (along with other things.)   Improved Pronunciation will improve English Exam Scores faster than anything else.  Effort to Understand is how they decide if you are good or not. 

You must make it easy for the examiners to understand you.  If you look at the examiners guidelines on how to assign band scores, in almost every category of IELTS Speaking Test Parts 1, 2, and 3 have guidelines about effort to understand you. 

Effort means your pronunciation is good enough so the examiner doesn't need to strain to hear or understand and doesn't need to ask what?  Repeat? 

IELTS and Exam Pronunciation

F1 Visa Interviews and Other Countries

Studying Abroad is becoming more popular as incomes increase in developing countries.  Going to school in an English Speaking Country is also a great way to become established there and immigrate.  Once in the USA, Australia, England etc. a students can become trained for a desirable job and get a work visa, get married, or continue to study. 

At the F1 Visa Interview (one of our specialties) the Visa Officers must determine if you are real student, if you have the Basic English to Be Successful in the USA, and if you are confident and a good person. 

Again, if they need to strain to understand you they know in the USA others won't be able to listen to you. 

If your pronunciation isn't good enough you probably won't be confident and you will be nervous.  These are not good ways to Pass the F1 Visa Interview.   

Good Pronunciation is not technically one of the ways you are judged at the interview, but will help you alot to pass and go to study abroad. 

Pronunciation for the F1 Visa Interview 

Making Friends and Love

In developing countries it is very common to want to travel to the USA, GB, or another modern country. 

One very common way is to make friends online and then visit them along the way.  When already in a country if you can make a friend your experience will be a millions times better.  You can make a friend, see something that most tourist don't ever see, have a more personal experience, maybe go their house for a real local meal, and get help. 

People love when you Speak English.   Often when traveling in non-English speaking countries many people want to talk to me.  I am friendly and like to make friends and network.  If someone is too difficult to understand and I must use a lot of effort, it isn't as much fun and usually politely cut the conversation short. 

It is also popular to find someone to fall in love and get married. 

At first physical attraction and smiles are more important but after a while you must communicate and really understand each other.  Many things go into love and marriage.   Good Pronunciation may not be that important if two people love and work on their relationship and care for each other. 

Ask yourself  "How do I get to a serious relationship if the other person cannot understand me?" 

I personally think if a person meets their soulmate and it is destiny verbal language is not important.  (This is my experience)  🙂  It was fate and just happened. 

But for those actively looking and trying to find love and make friends, the easier you are to understand the better and easier it will be.. 

Love and Friendship  Pronunciation

What if You Are Satisfied with Your Pronunciation?

I want to say "With this method is very easy and fast to Improve English Pronunciation.  With little effort you can be much better.  Do this and practice a little and Improve A Lot!" 

There is no reason to do something you don't want. 

As I said earlier, many who "are satisfied" always say "My Pronunciation is Not Good".   

They often hear others asking them "Please Repeat, or What? or I don't understand! 

For people who want to get much better very fast:

General English Evaluation

Let me know what you think by contacting me. 

If you want to read about something in more detail let me know.

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This test is very clear and gives you a complete report about your pronunciation.  After you get your report, you will receive free lessons on how to improve your errors.  It is really helpful.

If you don't know your problems you cannot fix them and improve.

Knowing your pronunciation problems is the first step to great pronunciation.