When you are discouraged, when you make mistakes,

when you are lazy....

These are times you need a friend.  

Someone to guide you and help you.

Or maybe you just need to ~~~

have some fun? 

5 Minutes or Less  

Below are 8 fast fun questions that will make you smile. 

No Email No Names  

Funny Picture Choices

Similar Sounds and Pronunciation

Some questions about what you like and are good at in English.

Use Your Phone to Learn

  • Record Your Voice  
  • Listen to Songs
  • You Tube
  • Chat In English  
  • Social Media

Listen to Your Voice

Listening to how you sound is really important.  We ussually do not like our voice so it may be dificult at first.  


Unlock Your Inner English !  

  • Vocabulary  
  • Singing  
  • Reading  
  • Friends  
  • Family


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Improve Pronunciation Very Fast

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