Reading For Improving English will make you Excited About Reading.

  You will learn how to choose books and everything about reading to learn English. It is very helpful and useful in order to not only improve your English, but also to make learning English easier and more fun.  It is how Native English Speakers Learn about grammar, verb forms, sentence formation, and vocabulary.

Ask yourself and think about what kind of things you read. Many of my students read texts books, English learning books, and read to study, not read to enjoy and relax.  I think most people in every culture read in their own language to enjoy, relax, learn, be entertained, go to a fantasy place for awhile, and to change their way of thinking or their mood.  Reading English Text Books to study usually does none of those. It is like homework.  Makes you tired. 

Below I answer the top ten questions about reading to improve English.   Then continue to write about 2000 words explaining how you can choose what to read, how to read, some helpful tricks about reading, and hopefully will make you excited to go choose a book and get reading!  

Question: Can Reading Improve My English?

Answer: 100% Yes if you follow the advice given below.  It will help speaking, grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

Question: Is reading difficult?  Which English skill is the most difficult?

Answer: Most English Learners think listening is the most difficult skill.  Reading can be very difficult that is why it is important to read at a level that is easy to understand.  You should understand at a minimum at least 70% of the words and meaning.  It is even better if you understand more.

Question: Why is reading so important to do when learning English?

Answer:  Because you can learn vocabulary in context, understand how verbs and language is written and the order of grammar without learning the complicated and confusing rules.  Many people who know the grammar rules still have bad grammar.  As kids in the USA, we never learn grammar. It also allows you to enjoy English and spend more time with English content that is much more fun than studying.

Question: How does reading teach grammar?

Answer:  Reading introduces you to the structure of sentences by experience.  When you read you see that adjectives are before nouns (10 boys, green balloons) and it is learning without the rules and confusion.

You just know that is how it is supposed to be.  You an learn how words are used together in context,  It has everything in grammar you need to know but you see it and read it instead of studying. 

Learning by examples.  Most writers have great grammar so it is a good place to learn.

Question: Can I learn vocabulary from reading?

Answer: Yes you can.  The best way to learn vocabulary is to learn in context.  Try and figure the word out in the meaning of what is going on instead of rushing to look it up in a dictionary

After you learn a word, write some of your own sentences using the word.  You will remember it longer and learn it and be able to use it in the future when you speak or write.

Question: How do I know what to read?

Answer: Easy! Read something that is at your level and you understand.

Choose something that interests you, 

Find something you want to read to relax and enjoy.

Question: How fast should I read?

Answer:  For fun and learning read at your own pace.  Any speed. 

For standardized test try and get up to 100- 150 words per minute. 

The important things is to read for learning is to find something you enjoy that you want to do a lot. 

Read as an escape from your busy life.  Read to relax. 

Read to have calm and peaceful time that is not wasted.

Question:  How will reading something easy help me improve?

Answer:  You will start with something easy for you and naturally improve nd choose more advanced and difficult material. 

Slowly you will become really good while you enjoy and relax.

Question: What will I learn from reading the rest of this article?

Answer:  There is more information and more detailed information. 

You will also find tips and tricks to improve reading and very interesting ideas.

This article has all the information the experts know n one place for you to learn.

Question:  What tip would you give me to improve Reading and other Skills?

Answer:  Read Out Loud.  I will talk a lot more about this later and in other articles. 

It is an amazing way to improve.  Recording your voice is also really helpful. 

Keep Reading! You will learn much more and some great new ideas.

Reading to Improve English

I have said already that babies listen to their native language for years before speaking.  You should listen as much as possible.  This is not often possible and listening is the most difficult thing to do in a new language.

In order to improve vocabulary, writing, and grammar, reading becomes very important.  It is also more enjoyable and easier than listening as long as you are reading something that you can understand about 60% or more. 

It is not effective to read something that you don’t understand most of because you must try and figure out new words and phrases in context of what you are reading.  If you do not understand most of what you are reading, you cannot figure out the words you do not know.

Reading teaches other things such as the structure of how English is written and used.  The more you read the more you understand this and can use it when you write.

Figuring our vocabulary in context is the magic and beauty of reading.

When you read about something, all of the words begin to make sense. 

How fast should I read?

The speed you read for yourself is not important.  For standardized English tests you probably should read at 100-150 words a minute. For yourself, you have no amount to red or no speed. Just read as you want and enjoy.

Read to understand and enjoy. Don't worry unless it os for a test.

As you begin to understand more of what you read, you can increase your speed by focusing on more than one word at a time.  Before you can understand you should look at each word. Later look at a few.  Looking at longer spans of words increases the speed at which you read.

As a young child in the USA we do not learn English grammar.

We learn the way English is supposed to sound as a baby listening.  Then we learn English in a very special way.

We read short stories.  There are many ways to do this.  My favorite was each day we had to choose a story to read.  These were in a big box and were like small books of a 3 or 4 pages.  They were short and interesting and about every situation and topic you could imagine.  We got to choose the story, and the goal was to read them all.  Maybe a few hundred!

These short stories about topics taught us vocabulary and grammar and about many things. The best part was that all of it was easier to remember.

Many English learners only read English Textbooks. I have used hundreds and rarely like any.  They aren’t modern, do not use English the way normal people do, and are not usually interesting to the students.  If you choose your own books or stories to read, they will be stories you like and are interested in learning about.

By far the hardest thing to learn in English is grammar. 

Sure you can learn the rules, but can you learn to use it the right way?   Native speakers almost never learn grammar in school.

When reading it is clear the order of verbs and nouns, how adjectives usually are in front of words. The “s” forms of verbs and nouns, singular and plural and how they fit together.  This is very difficult to learn by rules and one of the most common mistakes, even by advanced learners.

Vocabulary learned through reading is easier to remember.

It has been proven that vocabulary learned through reading is easier to remember and not forgotten.  Reading introduces new words and ideas.  It is interesting and gives you more things to talk about.

Authors usually have mastered the English Language.  That makes them very good teachers and role models.

A good story will involve and interest you.

Learning more vocabulary in context.

When you read, and especially read out loud, you have to choose a story or book that is appropriate to your level. Understanding what you are reading is essential.  Choose something that you can understand at least 60-80%.

Write down any words you don't know and write their definitions.  Keep reading and rereading until you understand it very well. How to use words.

Your imagination will begin to work.

You will begin to think in English. These are all really great things to happen.

Sometimes reading seems time consuming and a lot of work.  If you find something you like that you can understand, it become relaxing and enjoyable.  Often when I am too busy at work, I cannot wait until I can relax and read to escape my busy life.

The first thing is to find something that you want to read.  It can be a news article, biography, book, or even a song.

The second is to make sure it is not too difficult.  That is terrible and will make you hate reading. It is work instead of fun.

Difficulty of the reading material is also important.

  • If you need to look up more than a few words in a paragraph or page, it is probably too difficult. 
  • Choose an easier book to start and read more quickly.
  • Some books also have audio. 
  • Reading along with audio is great.

If it is your book, you can highlight words.

Highlight words that you are learning and look at them later to make sure you remember them.

When you are reading and don’t understand a word, first try and understand the word in context of what you are reading. Then you can check them in a dictionary or online to find out of you are right.  The process of figuring them out in context will help you remember the new words forever.

Writing new words in a notebook and then writing some sentences using the new words will supercharge our memory and help you use them later.

When you are doing something else, think about what you read and the new words.  Imaging using them.  It is fun pastime.

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There are many different kinds of English Books:

Science Fiction or Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Satire, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Non-fiction, Biography and others.  Which of these are you interested in reading?

Reading inputs words and ideas and language formation into your mind.

If you can do these things while relaxing and enjoying yourself, it is a truly great way to spend time. Learning become more fun and easier.

Reading also is a great way to spend time, and you have more time spent in English when reading.  One student who could hardly study for 10 minutes could read for hours.

When reading it is best to try and imagine what you are reading.  The scenery, the characters, and the emotions and feelings.   You can ask yourself if you like them or dislike them.  Ask yourself if you think the characters are good or bad.

People all read different things at different rates or speeds.  Maybe one book I can finish in a day, while another takes me a year and I still can’t finish.

You should read to understand the meaning.

You should read to understand the meaning of what you are reading before getting stuck and confused.  Try and get the basic idea.

Then pay attention to verb tenses.  Learners often learn the present tense of verb forms then the past, then other forms.  In reality, the present although very important isn’t used as much as the past or the s form of verbs (singular).  This is because we are often reporting what has happened in the past or talking about other people in the 3rd person.  Neither of which are usually sing the present tense.

The best way to improve speaking is by reading out loud. 

Reading to Improve Speaking

Reading will improve your spoken English.

 Reading out loud will improve all 4 English Skills.  This is so effective I have seen students improve 100% or more in as little as one month.  It isn't magic.  They need to do some work but it can be fun work depending on what you are reading.

If you want to do even more and improve your writing, you can underline things you like or want to remember, pay special attention to keywords, ask questions about what you are reading, and lastly write a summary of what you read.  This will improve your writing after you read.

That is pretty cool isn't it?  If this is so effective and cool why doesn't everyone teach it and know about it?  Why don't students do this?  There are many reasons ranging from English Centers wanting you to come and study, to students worried people will think they are crazy if they read out loud.

Reading can help you:  

  • Learn Vocabulary
  • Exercise Your Voice Muscles
  • Make You More Confident
  • Help You Remember Vocabulary  
  • Teach You English Grammar  
  • Improve Pronunciation 

There is also the time and discipline factor.  

Everybody is busy and it may not be easy doing this alone.  We are busy and we are lazy when we have some free time.  Reading may seem like work or studying.  Others may not believe it is effective because they haven't heard of this before.

Many people think they may learn bad pronunciation and bad habits.  This seems true, however think of speaking English as a skill you must learn.  Think of growing your muscles stronger.  Think about how you will gain confidence when you practice speaking more.

The first time you do most things, it is not perfect.  You must practice and keep doing it over and over until you can do it well.  Pronunciation is in part making the sounds perfect, but also the loudness of your voice, the air, the strength, and the ease of speaking.  Only practice can help you improve your speaking.

The first time you walked:  You fell down. Now you can run and dance and do all sorts of things without thinking.

The first time you drew a picture:  Only your parents thought it was perfect.  No art museum would show it!

You must practice everything you do in order to be good.

Read  out loud to yourself every day. 20 minutes total is great.

 If it is easier read 4 times a day for 5 minutes.  Or 2 times 10 minutes.  Try it and see which fits into your schedule and is easy for you.

You may find you get tired t first. I promise you it will become easier each day.  I also assure you after one month you will feel great and much more confident.

Learning New Vocabulary

Look up words in the dictionary that you do not know.   Write the words and use them in sentences.  Write a few sentences and speak them for each word.

This technique will improve your English Speaking.

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