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Read and Listen: Great Story

This is a cute story about a boy meeting a girl.

They seem to like each other.

Then the boy does not see her anymore and is sad.

Read to see what happens in this story.

Boy Meets Girl

Hi, my name is CrazyHotBoy.

Why are you laughing?

Don’t you believe it is my real name?

What the…….

Ok, it isn’t my real name. It’s who I wish I was. I see the boys who act funny and crazy and have nice hair and are handsome.

They always have beautiful girls around them. Many girls love them.

I am so jealous of them, I want to be crazy and hot

and handsome!

Want to know why I don’t tell my real name to people? My parents worked for a large advertising company, a really big company. They named me Free. This is because it is a powerful word and the word “free” is the most important word for them.

People love free things. I am always so embarrassed when people ask me “Are you Free?” and I answer “NO, I am busy,” and they joke, “so your name is Busy?

Anyways, that is my problem and not my biggest problem. My big problem is there is a girl I like.

I see her every couple days and have talked to her 7 times.

I think about her all the time. Maybe she likes me too because she is always so nice and smiles, and encourages me to continue to talk more every time I meet her.

I feel so stupid because when I talk to her I get excited and nervous and forget to ask her for her number, where she lives, her Face Book name……nothing…..I am so stupid!

I bet the real crazy hot boys get a girls number or Face Book and

don’t forget.

One time I met her in the city park. Many people go there to walk, eat snacks, play games, or just relax and watch people or read.

I go there every chance I can hoping to see her again.

It has been 3 weeks since I saw her. 3 weeks of thinking about her.

Looking everywhere, hoping I would meet her again and get her information so I don’t have to walk around looking for her every day.

Today I did not see her anywhere. On my way home I saw a big truck helping people move into a beautiful new house near mine.

I stopped to look at the activity and see what kind of people were moving in….if they had noisy pets, kids, big stereos….

You know what happens next don’t you? It is her and her family. I cannot believe it. Today I am so lucky! I begin to feel nervous.

What if she does not remember me?

She came out of the house and immediately saw me and smiled. She ran up to me and said

Nice to see you again!

I have been looking everywhere for you!”

I said “Me Too!

Questions and Conversation Topics

What do you think her name is?

What happens next?

How old do you think they are?

Why are they both alone in the park?

Do you think the parents will be surprised?

What would you do if your parents named you “Free”?

Did you like this story?      

What did you like?

Would you meet someone like this?

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