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I know you are busy!

You can be as good as you want.  Nice! 

Are You As Good?  OR Do You Want to Be Better?

"What if you are not as good as you need to be

= do you feel pressure?"

This is a long article that will help you understand why you are not as good as you want and why it isn't your fault.  When I mispronounce words I am learning I feel bad about it and think it is my fault.

Not Completely!

There are so many ways to study and learn English. 

Teachers and students often do not use the best methods. 

They get stuck or are not happy. 

This is to help you understand how to be Happier About Learning English.

The happiest and best students practice a lot and learn things they are interested in. 

They also learn in small steps, always improving and adding to their skills. 

Step by Step.

The best method of learning is

practicing interesting and fun things

that happen in your life.

Study things that are interesting.

Learn more often, many times a day.

Don't try and study for hours and hours.

Most people do not understand what these tests are or what they mean.

An easier way to understand is to think about English levels is:

1. Beginner: Knows some words, can't really understand a lot.  

Start beginner in English

2. Someone who is interested in English.  Maybe has studied, has listened to music, watched TV, and can read.  Usually they can talk about some common topics.

inteereested in English and maybe studying formaly

3. People trying to learn or parents wanting kids to learn, or trying to use English for work, and can use English but are not really confident.

students studying English formally at school

4. People with English Goals. 

Motivated and get help,

Study a lot on their own.  Take some tests.  

Are more fluent and more comfortable speaking English.

You speak English well


5. English Learners spending a lot of time learning,  Often spend a lot of money on classes, maybe study abroad,  Have goals to use English to make money.  Often want to be teachers or work higher paying jobs using English.

Using English for work


Are you as good as English as you Need?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  1. Can you do whatever you want in English?
  2. Are you confident and continue to improve?
  3. Do you feel it is difficult and get discouraged?
  4. Are you satisfied that you can do what you want and are happy?  *I hope so!*

To Begin I must say:

How much English YOU need? 

First take a look at the industry accepted levels and testing levels.

This chart by identifies major "English Levels". 

They list comparable scores and levels from Cambridge, TOEFL, IELTs and the big players in the English Language Industry. 

They do not list TOIEC which is also very popular.

uefap chart of English Levels

Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is a combination of teaching methods that try to both provide the resources for students and to motivate them.

I am asking how you feel and if you feel you are good enough at English, but also talking about how you feel about the way you learn.

CMT is about: This is about motivating students by practicing in realistic conditions, using current and local topics and materials,  Things that happen in their lives.  It helps them learn by being creative and by problem solving.

Discovery Learning

Situated Learning Theory

Problem-Based Learning


Many people want to have better English,

but do not have the

resources or way to Speak English Well.

Resources =Time, Money, Method, Teachers 

Even more people love the idea of speaking English but have no idea how to learn, even if they spend a lot of money on classes and schools.   They are studying in a system where they can learn for 10 or more years and still not feel good.

You may understand and feel that:

  1. It is too much time and effort.
  2. You do not have good teachers.
  3. The method you are learning is not working.
  4. The place you live doesn't have anywhere to learn.
  5. YOU don't have anyone to practice speaking English with...
  6. It can be very expensive to study English and often not effective.

These are reasons why people give up, or do not learn very well.

If you notice, none of these are actually the "English Language Learning Problems".

The problem Learning English is not the English Language.
It is how you are learning.

What I am going to write is shocking and a believed to be true by modern language professionals.

This will also help you begin to learn fast and have more fun.  Keep reading.

If you Search Google for "Is Pronunciation Important?".  Results will show a lot about:

1. People not understanding you.

2. Bad First impressions.

There are many more negative web pages about this.

For you: It means that you are not confident, have learning blocks, and may become discouraged.

I know for a fact that pronunciation is the easiest and fastest thing to learn in English.  It is also helps with confidence and all other parts of learning English.


Some need a high level of English. 

Others are OK with their current level.

If someone wants to study abroad they need 6.5 or higher IELTS. 

A tourist guide people should understand and should be fun and helpful.

Occasional English to meet and talk to a foreigner?

Maybe You have reached your English Goals. 

At the same time you probably often tell people how bad your English is. 

But if you have fun, no problem, your English Skill is enough.

Often in public school there is not a lot of choice.  They have a curriculum and teachers that do what they want.

When you join a language center or study on your own you can look at the books and study material and make sure it is interesting and easy enough for you to understand.  You will enjoy Learning English Much More!

Watch the Video

See it Quickly!

I know you are busy!

Are you as good as you need Speak English Today

Text From Video

Is your English level as good as it needs to be?

Is it as good as you want?  Are you happy?  I hope so!

This video explains different levels of English by industry standards, and hopefully will help you understand about your English learning.  There is a lot of information in the article you can red for more detail.  If not this short video will help you understand.

The English industry is dominated by these organizations.  They have set the following standards through testing. Here is a simpler and easier to understand way of thinking about English Levels.

When you start it is fun.  Know some things to say and laugh and have some fun.

Then people start to learn more vocabulary and watch TV, You Tube, Listen to music and study on their own in addition to school which may be kind of boring.

Joining classes and studying at English Centers is OK, however many jump from center to center each of which makes big promises….but students aren’t satisfied with their improvement. They are often confused about what to do and how to learn.

AS you begin to be able to say what you want and communicate pretty well English can become very confusing.  What is the best way to become really really good?  This is a level that many cannot get past.

Advanced levels get jobs, teach, study abroad.  Improved English becomes important for promotions, more opportunities, and more money. People often do not have a lot of time, and again, do not know the way to improve.

People study all over the world.  I can tell you from a lot of travel that people are different everywhere. The foods, the culture….. But the way to learn a native language is the same everywhere in the world, every culture.

The big questions are:  Can you do what you want?  Are you confident?  Do you continue to improve?  Do you ever feel discouraged?   Are you satisfied with your English and are you happy?  I hope so!

Your level of English Proficiency must match the end use of English you need. 

How much English do you need to make your live better?

In order to be good you need to feel good and be happy. 

Have small goals you can accomplish so you feel great.

Read the rest of the article for more information.

Thank you from Speak English Today!