Are you working hard?

Need a short break?

Or maybe you just need to ~~~

have some fun? 

5 Minutes or Less  

Below are some fun picture questions that will make you smile, think, and hopefully give you a break from whatever you are working on. 

They all take 5 minutes or less and are very easy.  Just asking how you think about things.  At the end you can use your email to get your results and information about how others answered.  You wont get any spam. 

It has been proven that short breaks actually increase productivity. 

I write about serious things and ways to help you. 

These are just for fun!


Step one is all about getting to know what you need to do and have a good attitude. You also must beleive in a program.  

When I learn new things wehther it is computer related, language, or anything, I am impatient and want to be good right away.  I do, without thinking or planning.

 I often do not have a good plan and just do things and do trial and error.  I really don't know what I know and need to know but just try stuff and hope to find out later or have success.  It works OK, but isn't the bet way.  Step One is to Make a Plan


Step two is about learning things that give you life-changing tools to help.  How you can succeed.

 Do you spend a lot of time studying and learning but do not see good results?  You are learning but not fast enough.  You don't feel confident or good enough. You want to be better.

 Learning the the things that have the most effect first stuch as breathing in pronunciation is very important.

 The biggest thing you must do second is to

Learn the Most Important Things First.


Step three is practice and using the tools and soon becoming good enough to help others.  This involves your feinds and family.  It is much more fun when you are not alone and you learn so much by helping others.  

The simple tools I try and teach will help you improve step by step.  Tools such as breathing and how to place your lips, tongue, and mouth.

 When writing how to make a mind map or diagram to  organize your ideas..  When listening how to listen for keywords.

Use Great Ideas and Help Others

Happy Students are Successful English Learners

Read About Why

I always knew I loved teaching help.

 When students (YOU) become confident and strong I see them accomplish so much.

  I hope to offer you this opportunity.  

My students  are getting better - step by step. 

Use Your Phone to Learn

  • Record Your Voice  
  • Listen to Songs
  • You Tube
  • Chat In English  
  • Social Media

Listen to Your Voice

Listening to how you sound is really important.  We ussually do not like our voice so it may be dificult at first.  


Unlock Your Inner English !  

  • Vocabulary  
  • Singing  
  • Reading  
  • Friends  
  • Family


What Does Your Success Look Like? This is what you need to be able to communicate.

  • YOU are almost there!
  • Think of all you know.  
  • How can organize this?  
  • Become Confident  
  • Practice Conversations  
  • Not Be Shy  
  • Ask Questions  
  • Answer Questions
  • You already can do many of these!
Vocabulary 2000 Words
Using Verbs and Idioms
Talking to Foreigners and Not Being Afraid
Being Able to Travel and Make Arrangements
If I could Do These I'd Be Happy 100%

We've got a lot of good things to share.

Contact Us Today to Become Better and Have a Plan.  This can involve a simple study plan, weekly lessons, or just some motivation when you need some help.

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