How Do You Use English?   

Work and Money is often part of the answer. 

English is a skill that allows for better opportunities.

Work and Money:

Hospitality, Service, and Sales

Managers of Foreign Owned Companies: Meeting and Communicating

Working with other non native English Speakers


Work often requires talking to international customers or coworkers. 

Soft skills and meetings are more important than learning the right format for answers. 

Work English often requires good relationships and people wanting to work with you. 

Not enough English skills can make people not want to work with you as much.


School and Study Abroad:


IELTS, Cambridge Exams

Visa Interviews and Admissions Interviews

School:  Most of the time is spent studying for tests.  Test preparation is a different kind of learning English.   Depending on the English teachers at your school you may become better at one skill over another.  How active you are is also important.  I have many students who sit in the back and are shy.  They have less chance to talk and build confidence.  It begins in year one ad continues throughout school.   Try and start to be more confident from the beginning.

Making friends is a common English Use.  Because of social media and English platforms, there is a lot more opportunity to make friends all around the world.  If your country has many tourists, there is even more opportunity to meet people in person and make friends.  It is also important if you want to find love with someone who speaks English.  More Fun! 

Traveling and Fun   

Whether you need English for arranging travel while in an English Speaking Country or meeting people on the road.  The more you speak the more fun you will have. Whenever we can speak a language while traveling we can do more and meet more people.  Things are easier.

Which English Accent Do You Like? 

 The USA accent is clear.  The English accent is beautiful. 

The accent you like is your opinion and that is great. 

Most schools throughout Asia and other places love the

USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and UK. 

 These countries are often listed as requirements in advertisements for teachers.

Many teachers from South Africa, Philippines and other countries find it easy to find work. 

Which is easiest to understand?  Probably the one you learned from a teacher. 

Some accents from Northern England and Australia are more difficult because of all the slang used that is not used in the USA. 

Parents of  students often insist on certain accents for their children to learn. 


Which English Skill is the Most Difficult?

Which are you best at?

After studying a while many answer speaking. 

Others say reading except for reading tests.

Most of my students feel listening is the most difficult.

Writing is easy for informal writing.

Format for academic writing is a learned skill.


Speaking is easier if you aren't shy. 

Reading is easy of you have time to look up words.

Listening is only learned by doing it a lot! 

As babies in any country, babies listen for 2 years before they speak.

Have you listened for 2 years? 

If you listen for 1 hour a day it may take 20 years to listen as much as a 2 or 3 year old baby. 

This is a shocking amount! 

Listen every chance you can!

Are you happy with your current English Skill?

You are here so I know you are trying. 

If you are trying you should be happy with yourself. 

It takes time to learn. Be Patient!

If you answered I hope so it can also mean you aren't sure. 

In this case you must ask yourself why you are not sure 100%? 

What can you do to be sure?  What do you really need to be sure?   

If you think you need a year to become as good as you want keep going. 

It can take many years. 

Record your voice every 3 months and save it. 

Listen to how you spoke 3 months ago and you will see you are improving.

You must believe you are getting better.

You must know what to do.

Answering not sure usually means you do not know what to do.


How do you feel about your English Skill?

You are trying. 

Begin shy really makes speaking difficult.

Being shy is the most common problem. 

Being shy is the biggest obstacle.

Foreigners are not going to make fun of you.  They want to communicate. 

Use your hands, body language, point, jump up and down! Have Fun!

Most think their pronunciation is not good enough. 

Others are worried about making mistakes.

People can understand you.


Being confident is really nice.

  It is the something that can help you. 

Being Confident tells yourself You Can Do It.

Answering not sure usually means you do not know what to do.

 Believe you can and you will....

Think maybe and then you may or may not,

Feeling it is too hard you may have already given up.

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How Do You Use English? 

How Do You Feel About Your English? 

I always ask students a lot of questions. 

This little quiz is about you. 

What you like, what you are good at,

and your future in English. 

Read what others say below and some cool stuff.

I made this quiz thinking I could help people want to keep going. 

80% of people in the world trying to learn a language quit. 

I hope this helps you feel good bout your English.

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