How to Download the New General Service List.  

English Language Learners who study on their own often learn from media such as movies, song lyrics, or TV.    Students who learn in English Centers often learn from books, some of which group words together that "belong" together.

The New General Service List IS MY  favorite tool to learn vocabulary because it is a list of words that are used.  Why learn the words that aren't used often?  Maybe for tests or just to be better.  You must know the words on this list because they are the words used in newspapers, movies, Tv shows, speeches....  commonly used words.

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The new General Service List is a list of the most commonly used English Words.  If you learn the words on this list you will be able to understand 70% or more English Movies, Newspapers, and other media.  There are 2800 words on the list.  It may seem like too many words to learn, however most of my students already know many of them.  You can learn them slowly.

When you learn new vocabulary, learn how to use the words in sentences.  Learn other forms of the word.  Learn using  this method and you will always remember the new vocabulary you learn.

How to Download the New General Service List.

 The New General Service List is a list of the 2800 most common words.  

This will improve your listening skill.  Easy to follow.

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