10 Hot Tips to Speak English Better10 hot tips to speak better 5 bad habits to stop now

I want to tell the a great secret GREAT way to improve your English.

Read out loud for 20 minutes a day.  I know you will say but my pronunciation isn't good, or my family will think I am crazy!.. Do this, start today,

I guarantee your English will improve in as little as a month.


The best ways to Learn English

1. Practice Everywhere and with Everyone.

  Talk to your family and friends.  Talk to yourself!  Talk to the TV.  Sing Songs. Talking is like exercise.  Saying simple things more often makes your voice stronger.  Don't be afraid of learning bad things from non native English speakers.  Exercise your vocal chords and talk all the time.

1 Billion People are Learning to Speak English

Are they learning the best way possible?

2. Take control of your education and how you learn English.

Teaching English is a very large business.  Language centers can be very profitable.  Make a plan of how you will study.  Use language centers as part of your study, not the entire education.

3. Learn in context.

This means that you should learn about things that interest you.  Modern things that you will remember because you like them.

4. Learn Vocabulary as part of a story, song, phrase, movie or picture.

This will make it easier to remember and when you learn something, you learn permanently, you will not forget it the next day.

5. Do not translate in your head to your native language. When you translate you can not listen to what is being said to you, and you can not answer because you do not hear most of what is said. You are busy translating and thinking, not listening.

6. Don't use old outdated language books and text books.  These are so old and boring.  You won't remember the lessons.  You don't want to learn what is in these books.  You want to learn to communicate.

7. English is like music. Learn how it should sound. English uses tone and loudness to express meaning.  Most learners sound like robots when they read English.

8. Grammar is important but it is proven students who study grammar for 10 or more years may not be able to speak.   There are too many rules to remember.  native speakers learn by correction from family and learning how to sound good.  Practice answering and responding in a similar way you are being spoken to.  Grammar may confuse you.

9. Learn to ask questions and respond to questions.   Repeat, repeat, repeat is not a good way to learn.  You will not remember. Most students do not learn to look at a statement and ask a question about the statement.  If you can do this, you can communicate.

10.  Learn slower and more completely.  When you learn a new word, learn all of its "lemmas" other forms and formations.  Use the word in sentences and story

5 Bad Habits to Stop Right Now

1. Memorizing words without practicing using them and writing them.

2. Not being able to find the words and becoming confused.

Being confused about what to say, but you know what you want to say.

3. Not speaking in very simple, easy, and short sentences at first.

My students want to be an expert fluent speaker and not make mistakes.

4. Being shy, afraid or mistakes, insecure, lazy, or confused about what to say.

Learning to speak English takes exercise.  You exercise and practice a long time to be an athlete or singer.  You must do the same learning to speak English.  Speak, Talk, Sing, Practice!

5. Not having a goal and goals to accomplish in learning to Speak English.

Everything we do an accomplish takes effort and work.  We must do many things in order to accomplish one goal.  Make each step your goal.