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Pronunciation Evaluation


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Pronunciation Evaluation Explained

Pronunciation Evaluation

Pronunciation Evaluation


Have You Felt LIke This? (below)

Look at this picture. Has this happened to you?
You want to improve the easiest and fastest thing.

Better than grammar and other things. 

Many Pronunciation Problems can be fixed in just a few minutes and then practicing. 

There are before and after tests which each take about 10 minutes.

You want to get higher pay at work and get a promotion.

I teach at many companies. 

As an example, one big government company stopped promotions unless people improved pronunciation. 

At 3 IT companies I saw new hires who spoke better English advance faster than very experienced programmers. 

At hotels and resorts, staff that can speak better become the managers very fast moving past older staff that has worked longer. 

I think you have seen or experienced this also.

You are a teacher who is experiencing any or all of these:

You are super smart at English but do not have the best pronunciation. 

Students are learning mistakes from you. 

Your school or university is putting pressure on you to improve. 

Some students are becoming better than you.

Your English has stopped improving and needs a fast and easy jumpstart.

You want to travel but.....

Want to talk to more people. 

Easier to arrange things at hotels and restaurants.

Not worry at immigration and the airports.

Make friends and have a more interesting experience

Save Money, Have Higher Quality because you can bargain and communicate.

You want to have more fun 🙂

YOu want to sing and communicate and have fun with English.

You want to study abroad or for school.

This is great for students wanting to study abroad,

score high band IELTs,

pass A,B,C Level Tests,

Score high on TOEIC and TOEFL,

Study at an English Speaking School

Work and Communicating with English Speaking Coworkers

For teleconferencing, communicating and advancing in the company or making sales.

100% Guarantee

If you look at the Pronunciation and

do not want to do it I will refund your payment 100%

This will help you get "unstuck" and start being motivated.

Imagine people understanding you the first time. 

Think about new hires at your office, your promotion should be next. 

Being the best teacher you can feels good. 

Students respecting you feels great.  Going through immigration easily, solving problems with reservations at the hotel, and finding your away around all make travelling much more enjoyable. 

English can be a great hobby and a lot of fun.  Start having fun again!   Pronunciation will help you in all aspects of school, studying, and scoring high on tests. 

Make a great first impression in interviews.  It is important. 

Pronunciation and being understood is part of working in teams and part of projects.   

Each of us has our own reason to  have good pronunciation and be understood. 

Pronnciation Evlaluation will Help You Improve

Simply Answer:  Find Problems - Give Information to Fix Problems - Retest

In addition you will get lots of free support, videos, audio files, practice,

private group to ask questions of teachers, and email support.  

  1. Two Professional Evaluations of you reading (takes 5 minutes) to show before and after improvement. 
  2. Unlimited Email Support and Group Lesson Pass 
  3. Join the Private FaceBook for Fast Answers
  4. Very Easy to Understand Videos to Know How to Form Phonetic Sounds.
  5. Know Exactly What to Study 
  6. Audio Files To Fix Your Problems. 
  7. Lot's of Opportunity to Practice and Improve.
Meet the people in the movie.

Left to Right:  These are a few people I asked to make a video.  Just say how you feel:

I am so lucky! Read their bio then watch the videos  below.

Top Row

Ky or Khanh:  so Proud of you.  7.5 IELTS, Accepted to great school in the USA,  Easily Passed the F1 Visa Interview. 

Hao: Now a good friend and one of my favorite teachers. 

Dr. Kiet: Not  s student. Worked on his American Culture Text Book for the University.  Great Teacher and Writer. 

Huy:    Taught his class several years at the university.  One of the best students.  Worked with me as  a teaching assistant on  a government project.       

Hoa: My international relations liaison at a government company.   Really funny and interesting!   

Ha:   This student will be incredibly successful.  A motivator and leader. So proud!   

Bottom Row:

Mi:  I taught Mi and worked in classrooms with her.  One word - Professional.  Got a great job!

Helen: One of my old students at a large company.  Now studying  abroad for an advanced degree using English.  Learns so fast and is getting more perfect all the time.   

Andy Amir: Great Friend and The Most Motivating and Exciting Public Speaker in the World.  So honoured to have him say those things! 

 Nga/Kelly:   Everyone I introduce her to wants to hire her.  Has gotten unbelievably good . 

It only takes you 10 minutes for the test.

Why not get started today? 

Pronunciation Evaluation

Pronunciation Evaluation


Maybe you are thinking you are too busy now, or it won't work for you. 

You may also be feeling that it is too much work,

and you are tired of trying and trying and may feel discouraged. 

I also realize there is an amazing amount of free information online.

I provide a lot of free help and love that about learning online. 

Your feelings are very true and I often feel the same. 

Let me talk about them in more detail.

The three best things about this are that it will not take you long.  10 minutes. 

It is also the most complete evaluation in addition to being super accurate.

Usually students pay a lot of money to their school or one of the industry leaders,

the results are a number, not a detailed report.  Students also prepare like crazy for tests. 

There is no preparation at all for this evaluation.  

This you can do at home in your jeans and tshirt,

This is super simple.  It is also a great idea and very well thought out.  The biggest advantage is that I have over 20,000 hours testing and helping people improve pronunciation.  I have taken something very difficult and complicated and made it affordable.  Think about it; 2 tests for $18.99 and all kinds of free help and resources?  It is a very good deal and worth it because it will help you.  I have seen limited tests online for over $100 that don't come anywhere near this!

The thing that makes me really love and believe in this is because

I have seen it work over and over again for many years. 

My only caution is that the test and results are very easy and affordable.  You must practice to fix the bad sounds and bad habits.  it is worth the effort and very fast.  You will feel good about English and become more motivated.

If you are already studying this will help you get better grades and higher scores on tests because pronunciation is an important part of English.

The part you do takes about ten minutes and no preparation. 

You can do this and study free anytime and

take the 2nd test in a week, a month, or a year.

No pressure, no hurry except we want you to get better as fast as you can!

 If you are thinking recording your voice is complicated,

I have lots of information to help you and many ways to do this.  

Pronunciation is the Fastest Way to Improve in English. 

All Levels.

Teachers (Need To)

Kids (Perfect For)

Jobs, Managers, Students, QA, HR, Promotions, and Interviews. 

Hospitality (Promotions and Tips)

Happy to collaborate, Share, and Cooperate


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If you are interested in working with us, 

please contact me Kevin at

Thank You Very Much!