Here is a quick look at the

people in the video.   


I have known most of  for many years.

In order of appearance:


Kelly (pic) said she was very bad.  No one could understand her.   I disagree.  I always thought she was great.  We did fix some pronunciation problems and she does sound better now, but she always worked very hard.  


Kevin: I started Speak English Today in order to help people improve English by making it easier and really listening to what they need.   


Ky studied both IELTs and F1 Visa Successfully.  He got a 7.5 on IELTS the first time, and passed the F1 Visa Interview to study in the USA.  Smart and fast learner.   Now he is so comfortable speaking.   Very Proud!   


Andy Amir:  A very famous teacher.  The most motivational and encouraging teacher ever.  When Andy speaks, thousands of students come to hear him.  It is an honor to have him say those things about me!   


A mom of one of my long running kids classes.  The kids and parents are all great.   I have taught thousands of kids but these I keep teaching because they are so fun and improve a lot.    


Ha is a super 3rd year student at the university.  She manages many events and youth groups in addition to studying.   She helps many people and I am sure will be very successful.   


Helen is now studying for her masters however I taught her when she was working in International Relations for a very bug company I taught over the last 3 years.  She speaks at a high level and I am sure by the time she finishes her masters she will be totally fluent. 


Huy is a university student, also very active at events and helping the younger students.  He also served as my teaching assistant for the government electric company who I have taught English to for the past 2 years. 


Lain is another super teacher.  I have taught at many schools with him.  It has been interesting learning about teaching, the culture, and creating new ways to help students with Lain.     


Mi is a 4th year student at another university I used to teach at.  I am so impressed with how great she sounds, how she formed her ideas so easily.  She was always good but I am so happy when I see students do something like this.  So professional and clear! 


Ky and Kelly again...

Trang is a long time colleague and used to be the academic director at a school.  She is really good at English getting I think an 8.5!  She is used to interacting with many, many teachers.  it is quite an honor for her to feel like she does about me. 


Trang (2) was my teaching assistant for 2 years at a school I helped develop.  She was always y favorite.  Knew exactly how to get the kids and students active and talking.  I never had to tell her what to do, always very smart and attentive.  Her speaking has improved a lot, and maybe I helped.   


Tuan was one of my freshman last semester (2017).  His class as are most first year students kind of shy. He was not and helped me so much.  The class he was in became so good!  I miss them a lot.   


Hao Is a public school teacher I met in a province last year as part of a government program to improve English Education in the Public Schools.  She is very nice and tries to speak clearly.  I am sure her students love her.  s a teacher in the rural areas, she did not previously have a lot of interaction with foreigner native English Speakers.  It was a great summer project and many teachers passed exams required by the government as a result.   


Hoa works for one of the biggest national government companies.  She always makes me laugh.  She can think in English better than almost anyone.  Often making jokes and making everyone smile. 



Hien is an officer for a large school and study abroad program.  I gave an IELTS test that day to her students.  I loved the room and background and asked her to make a video.  She was very excited and even though she only had met me that day said some very nice things.   



Dr. Kiet taught with me at the university.  I helped him with his text book "American Culture" he was finishing.   It was a great project allowing students here to understand America better and contained really useful information.   



I have many more videos and notes from students and hope to make another movie when I have time.  Did you enjoy this?   If so let me know.   I am very shy about people saying things about me so it is a little funny to see this.  How did you feel?