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I will evaluate your pronunciation before I give you videos, audio files, and others resources to help you improve....

Then AFTER you practice, I will evaluate you again.  You will see improvement.

Pronunciation Evaluation was developed testing people like you, 

It works on every age and any English Level. 

It works for everyone. 

It is simple and Easy to Understand and Do.

You can practice anywhere, anytime:

Each Lesson Takes Less than 10 minutes.

100% Accurate. The Test is Great.  Thousands of Tests Proven Success.

Will identify Exactly the Sounds You Need To Improve.

I love pronunciation and helping people get better and

becoming more confident.  I needed to develop something to help me

evaluate students (hundreds each day for many years). 

After the evaluations, students asked for help to improve and that is how the videos and 2nd test came to life.  

There is currently a 41% Discount on Evaluation Gold Package. 

This discount was put into place to help build the

Private Face Book Question and Answer Group. 

All of this will be happening very fast these nest few months. 

It also includes Support.  Use this is you need some extra help.

pronunciation evaluation silver
pronunciation evaluation gold
pronunciation evaluation lesson

Choose the Best Plan

Happy to collaborate, Share, and Cooperate



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If you are interested in working with us, 

please contact me Kevin at  info@speakenglishtoday.org

thuy tetimonial


Medical Student - Colleague

Kevin has changed my life in so many ways. 

I can describe all of it in one video. 

I worked with Kevin and now know him 7 years.   

His methods have helped little kids,

government companies,

and every type of student I have seen him teach.

Kiet testimonial


Dr. English Department Universoty of Foreign Languages

Kevin provided very valuable feedback

on my American Culture Book. 

I believe the university students

can learn a lot from Kevin.

University Lecturer recording his voice for Pronunciation Evaluation 1


Universty Lecturer- English - Marketing

Kevin is a good friend and colleague. 

I have watched him develop this pronunciation help and

have seen it quickly help my students.

Hao testimonial


English Teacher

Kevin's methods were very practical. 

He especially helped us with pronunciation.

Hoa testimonial


International Relations

Kevin really helped me with pronunciation.  

Hang 2 admin testimonial


English Center Manager

Kevin is a good IELT examiner and

has great recommendations for our students.

Trang testimonial


Teacher - Administrator

Kevin taught me a lot about soft skills that are really

useful for my job now.

Trung testimonial


TA- Marketing - Studied Abroad

Kevin is one of my favorite and possibly

the greatest teacher in my life.

Trang TA testimonial


TA - Businesswoman

Kevin has his own special ways to get the learners interested and involved in the lessons.

Ian testimonial


Teacher - Banker

Kevin always is learning and finds new ways to help students with English.

Mi testimonial



Kevin always cares a lot about students pronunciation.

Nga recording her voice n the phone


English Teacher

My English was bad and I felt people couldn't understand me.  Kevin helped me fix my pronunciation and now I am a TEACHER!

Ha testimonial


Univerity Student- Organizer

Kevin is an enthusiastic and kind teacher.

Helen testimonial


Studies Abroad and Government Official

He is very dedicated. Thanks to him I got a lot of advice and tips.....

Huy testimonial


Studies at University - Business - TA

Kevin is a really great teacher!

Ky testimonial


Studies In USA

Kevin helped me with everything.  If you want help and are undecided, just go for it!

Andy testimonial


Teacher- Idol- Mentor- TV Star

Kevin cares about me.  He is kind and always gives me the best advice.

binh testimonial


Teacher- Translator- Mom

Kevin my kids and her friends be confident and improve pronunciation.