What People Say About Speak English Today

Left to Right:  These are a few people I asked to make a video.  Just say how you feel:

I am so lucky! Read their bio then watch the videos  below.

Top Row

Ky or Khanh:  so Proud of you.  7.5 IELTS, Accepted to great school in the USA,  Easily Passed the F1 Visa Interview. 

Hao: NOw a good friend and one of my favorite teachers. 

Dr. Kiet: Not  s student. Worked on his American Culture TExt Book for the University.  Great Teacher and Writer. 

Huy:    Taught his class several years at the university.  One of the best students.  Worked wiht me as  a teaching assistant on  a government project.       

Hao: MY international relations liaison at a government company.   Really funny and interesting!   

Ha:   This student will be incredibly successful.  A motivator and leader. So proud!   

Bottom Row:

Mi:  I taught Mi and worked in classrooms with her.  One word - Professional. 

Hang/Helen: One of my old students at a large company.  Now studying  for an advanced degree using English.  Learns so fast and is getting more perect all the time.   

Andy Amir: Great Friend and The Most Motivating and Exciting Public Speaker in the World.  So honoured to have him say those things! 

 Nga/Kelly:   Everyone I introduce her to wants to hire her.  Has gotten unbelievably good .    

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