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Speak English Today Began in 2010. 

However the teaching and researching began long ago.

I am Kevin Baratt.

Pronunciation Evaluation

That is for 2 evaluations and lots of support.

 People improve so fast it is incredible. 

If you know someone who is struggling or needs help, or doesn't know what to do next, please share this.

Kevin Baratt   Founder of Speak English Today              

I have been online and working with websites part time for about 15 years but never seriously.  Just playing.  I had no time because I was always teaching in class 50 hours a week or even more. 

During that time teaching so many hours, so many different levels of students, they showed me what they need, how they learn, what are their problems.... and more importantly how to help them solve their problems.

I am very excited now to focus 100% on bringing them to you through Speak English Today. 

Before I taught any students, any level, anywhere.... I asked what is your problem and how can I help you?  No matter what subject: university. IELTs, F1 Visa, Soft Skill Training, kids, public schools, anywhere! 

Most responded: 

I am not good at pronunciation. 

I am not confident.   

My English is not good. 

I can help with this and I hope you will allow me to help you improve.

I also do F1 Visa Interview Training, IELTS (best program because my students score higher than their teachers), soft skills and English business coaching, and providing shortcuts and hacks that help you and students the fastest.

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Improve Pronunciation Very Fast

Pronunciation Evaluation

Takes 10 Minutes, Free Resources and Easy

Improving English

It is very useful and a good thing to set smaller goals and get better one step at a time.  Step by Step.  

If you want to improve your pronunciation, fix one problem sound at a time. One by One  

If you want to study IELTS you can study one topic by one topic and each part.  Step by Step.

Develop English Skills

Pronunciation, Grammar, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Intonation, Slang, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs.....

......if it difficult to know exactly how to get good at everything, the most important thing is that you have time to practice.  I can help you learn all of these in an integrated more natural way.  


Ask yourself what is your next "little" success.  The next step that you can measure.  Accomplish these one by one and you will begin to love learning English.  

We all must have big goals.  Things to work towards.  study English all the time, everywhere. Make a plan as to the steps required to accomplish your goals.  

Students often don't have enough help to become confident and do not know exactly how to study to get really good.

I love to teach.  When students acheive a goal or begin to get more confident it really means alot to me.  Where I teach now, confidence and a good method to learn are often lacking.  Although everyone here wants to learn English, they study for years and years and many do not improve or don't know if they are improving.

 My goal is to help them understand exactly what they must do, demonstrate how they can do it, provide materials and resources to practice, and guide them to acheive thier dreams of becoming really good and confident at English.

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Reaching Goals
Reaching Goals

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