I help people wanting to really learn

How to Pronounce and Improve Fast.

Find Problems (all of them)

Fixing Problems (Videos and Audio Practice)

Becoming Confident

Really Fast and Easy ūüôā¬† ¬†¬†

Let me tell you how this got started.

My Job was to  Give Tests to Hundreds of Students a Day.

Speaking and Pronunciation Tests.


Universities, Public Schools, language centers....

I became very good at listening to students talk

and in finding their problems.

Pronunciation was really important for their tests and to improve their lives.  You know, English Pronunciation is very important to you isn't it? 

All day long I would hear

"My Pronunciation is not Good"

I needed to do two things:

Find every sound they could not pronounce so they would do well on their tests.

Evaluation general speaking

Help people like you find and fix their problems often in a very short amount of time.

The Students Always Asked:

How Can I Fix MY Problems? 

I have a test next week!"

I made some videos and audio files with word lists.

phonetic sound menu light blue background lessons videos audio link to page

These  short videos showed exactly how to form the mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, and how to use air. 

It Was Super =  Effective

Fix and Improve Pronunciation First

You Will Feel Better and 

Be Confident




Reaching Goals

Because you will know exactly what to practice and what to do,

you can set high goals and accomplish a lot.  

The thing I love about this is that It has helped young kids, teenagers just beginning, advanced

learners in order to score a high band score on IELTs Exam, Businesses in order to develop

marketing and communication, teachers to make their pronunciation perfect so they teach their

students to be great like them!  

Always Reasons to Not Improve: 

It takes time and is difficult? 

No Time to Learn?

Not Ready to Take the Leap? 

This is how you can fix your pronunciation problems.

‚ô• This is the most complete pronunciation test you can find.

♥ It cost much less than anything that isn't as good. 

♥  The Pronunciation Evaluation is easy to do. 

♥  You can do it anywhere, anytime.

search lessons by phonetic symbol


It has many ways to find lessons easily.

The Learning Method Is Short and Easy to Understand

pronunciation evaluation silver
pronunciation evaluation gold
pronunciation evaluation lesson

Kevin Baratt   Founder of Speak English Today              

Before I taught any students, any level, anywhere.... I asked what is your problem and how can I help you?  No matter what subject: university. IELTs, F1 Visa, Soft Skill Training, kids, public schools, anywhere! 

Most responded: 

I am not good at pronunciation. 

I am not confident.   

My English is not good. 

This is the way to Improve Fast Using an Easy To Understand Method.

Speak English Today Has Lots of Great Courses!

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Improve Pronunciation Very Fast

Pronunciation Evaluation

Takes 10 Minutes, Free Resources and Easy

Students often don't have enough help to become confident and do not know exactly how to study to get really good.

I love to teach.  When students acheive a goal or begin to get more confident it really means alot to me.  Where I teach now, confidence and a good method to learn are often lacking.  Although everyone here wants to learn English, they study for years and years and many do not improve or don't know if they are improving.

 My goal is to help them understand exactly what they must do, demonstrate how they can do it, provide materials and resources to practice, and guide them to acheive thier dreams of becoming really good and confident at English.

Language Skills
Reaching Goals

Happy to collaborate, Share, and Cooperate



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