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This Will Help You:

♥ Easy to do

♥ 10 minutes

♥ Accurate

♥ Effective 

I have worked with thousands of  English Teachers round the world.  If you are teaching English but not a native speaker and want to improve pronunciation this is for you. 

100% Confidential, Very Easy, and The Best Way Anywhere 

Although English Teachers are some of the hardest working teachers I know you face obstacles at work. 

Many of you probably teach extra classes to earn money to survive and get ahead.  This only takes about 10 minutes to submit and then you can fix your problems fast.


You teach many students.  They copy you. They mimc how your say things (your pronunciation). 


Every student who leaves your class and has your mistakes may have them for life. 

This is a huge responsibility.

Improve for yourself

For Your Students

Earn Students Respect

Be Better than any student This is the easiest, least time commitment,

and lowest cost way to become a better English Speaker.

evaluation 4 reasons for bad pronunciation
evaluation list finds mistakes fix mistakes

The Purpose of This Evaluation:

Help You Become Confident

Everybody Understands You and Respects You

Tests for All the Problem Sounds (30+)

100% Confidential

Evaluation general speaking
evaluation the most sounds
Evaluation cnfidential results

If you start today,

you can improve very fast.

This finds your exact problems so you can practice and fix them. 

Your Problems Will Be:


Fixed Fast 

Has Video/Audio Files to Practice

It is all very simple and easy and effective.

People will notice you are better.

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Pronunciation Evaluation


Quickly Find Your Problems 

Help to Fix Your Pronunciation

People will say you sound better!

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