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"Don't Be the Cat Who Wanted a Fish, But Was Afraid to Get its Paws Wet!"

William Shakespeare

We have to try our best.  Often it is not clear what to do and how to improve.  I can assure and guarantee it 100% that this will improve your pronunciation.

Proven Effective

I have used this in classes for over 7 years.  Every Time, Every Student Improves.  I will work with you until you improve your first test.

Bad Pronunciation

Three  problems cause bad pronunciation.  Not knowing how to make the sounds, not knowing how you sound, and bad habits.  We will fix these.

Your Future

You are going to understand how to improve and get better. it takes practice but will be very easy now.  Soon you will sound greater than you ever thought possible.

The Results


You will be evaluated for about 25 sounds that are the most common problems.  The form will identify if you are need to fix a sound.  Many of the ways you form sounds is great while a few are terrible.  We will find and fix the few bad ones and so everything you say sounds great.

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