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The F1 Visa Interview is a big day and very important.  It is very common for students to not understand exactly what to do or say.  No one can promise you a visa except the USA Embassy.  What we do promise is to use our experience and expertise to help you have the best chance of getting an F1 Visa.

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I will use the information you provide in your answers to questions to help you make your best answers.  We use email to ask you additional questions making every effort to understand your situation and help you.


The Interview is about you.  Not about answers that you read about online.  The Visa Officer wants to know information about your studying, going home, and finances.  I have a lot of experience helping students pass.

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First you will get a list and form of the most common questions.  They may or may not be the exact questions they ask you, but they are the topics that you need to know.

After you answer the questions to the best of your ability (I want to see how you answer naturally) I will try and improve your answers.  We will exchange emails until you understand and have good answers.

Then we will meet online (many ways to do this if you have internet) and you will do a "Mock Interview".  You will dress and prepare exactly as you will go to the real interview.  Yes, how you look may be important. After you practice interview I will help you to understand what you need to do (if anything) to have your best interview.

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