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This has the best practice methods using different skills, called "deep learning". 

This site is unusual in that it focuses on your goals and what YOU need to get there.

We work to make people successful.

If you have studied a long time and are not satisfied,
OR if you want to learn the right way:

This Site Will Help You!

Yes, at every public school level, universities, companies, and for test preparation.

The proof is in higher test scores on IELTS, C-1, Promotions, Passing Interviews and Improved Confidence.

For me the proof is in seeing people enjoy learning English again instead of being stressed and confused.

Before you get an evaluation no questions money back.

After you receive an evaluation there are no refunds. 

If you decide its not for you,
Request a refund immediately.

We want you to be satisficed: 

You can request another evaluation if you think it is faulty or errors were made.  These are decided on a case by case basis.

 Please read TOS for specifics.

Evaluations and pronunciation courses are  self study  courses and lessons .  Online classes are different. 

We do offer lessons conducted online and online classes as another product.


Password has a "Lost Password" Option at Login  Click on forgot password and you will be sent a link to reset it. 

This is done via privacy protected password control not support.

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Yes, I would love to help you. 


Personal English Lessons

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