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Passing the interview and getting a USA Visa may depend on how well the Visa Officer can understand you.

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Pass the F1 Visa Interview by being confident and easy to understand.

If the Visa Officer can not understand you.  it will be more difficult to pass.

You probably only have a few mistakes but repeat them often. 

Fix the few mistake and Get a Visa!

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Passed F1 Interview

We have been helping students get F1 Visas for a long time.

You record your voice recording or video of you reading a short story (1-2 minutes). 

This Easy and Inexpensive Evaluation will

Help You to Improve All of These.





Difficult Sounds





You will have 2 or 3 minutes to sound good. 

Find out your weak points and fix them before you go.

Thousands of English Learners

Have Improved Pronunciation After Using This. 

Your Results Will Be Accurate and You Will Receive FREE Information About How to Fix Your Errors and Sound Better.