Improve When You Have Free Time

Everyone wants to be strong and successful
fb3 If your not improving I can help you

Everyone Always Uses Their Phone.

It does everything for us.

You are Very Busy

 5 Minutes or As Long As You Want 

It Is A Great Way to Help You.

Keep reading to understand how this will:

Help You Become Confident 

Learn a Skill for Work or School 

Have Fun and Communicate

There are lots of places to study but maybe they are not right for you. 

Maybe the best way is with a friend doing the same things you love to do. 

I think you want to become better but maybe you are

lost, lazy, or too busy. 

Often I am all three!  It's OK!  Everyone Is!

How can we know the best way? 

I think I have developed something very useful.

  • You can have more input on what interests you. 
  • You can study at your own pace.
  • You can reach goals and feel good.
  • If you are busy then study later, no guilt.
  • Study with a friend if that is easier.
  • Study shorter amounts of time but more often.

I Changed To Become Something Better

Why the Change?


You Know Me 

I am very personable.


I teach a lot.  Most also know I am working on an online platform. 

I have decided I prefer to teach students I already know and teach less students.

I also love to help people pass interviews, accomplish their goals, score high on IELTs.

These things make me happy and feel satisfied.  I think you understand me. 


I understand your problems. 

I understand English Learning problems



Everyone is different. 

There are some great ways that help everyone learn. 

Some things and methods are just good and effective. 

Some work every time.

But are you like everyone else?

Also, don't you have different needs at different times? 

Even if a method is good, a student needs to be prepared and ready to learn it.

Sometimes we need more time,

Other times we need more help. 

It isn't a matter of how smart a person is: 

It is how they learn and understand.


We Can Work Together 


I am interested in having better and deeper relationships. 

How do you feel about this? 

When I have 500 or more students at one time, 

I am happy, however it is difficult to know each one. 

I can teach, and it is very fun, however I am not sure I can help each student. 

That is my goal:  To Help Each Student. 

To be happy.  To be successful. 

We all want these for us and our families.

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Becoming Confident


Lack of Confidence prevents many from speaking. 

It also causes people to stop trying as hard.   Give Up.

The English Goal may be too big. 

Or you don't have a specific goal.  Just Learn English!

I think we should set a goal for you and help you have a monthly plan that you can accomplish and feel good. 

You can work at your own pace and be assured of success. 


Think about your language:   


As babies, we learn to speak in order to get food or to protect us or help us. 

Later we learn English to pass tests in school.   

We want to be able to communicate easily and have fun.

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Do People Like You?


Do People Like and Want to Work With You?


A more important question is do you like yourself when you are learning English? 

It should be fun.

Too many follow programs that are not really ever going to help you become great. 

You know that. 

  I will help you make a plan to do it, and will be there with you all the way. 

Together you can accomplish your goal.

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are you tired of eople not understanding ou plus we make it easy

You are not too busy to do this!

Improve Yourself and Have Fun Learning With Me 🙂