• How do other people feel about you?
  • Do People Want to Work With You? 
  • How much effort do others give to your projects? 
  • Are You a Good Leader?
  • What do others see when they look at you?
  • Are you someone who is nervous speaking in front of a group and making presentations?   Even I can become nervous at times and I speak in front of groups all day long, every day.


    Make Presentations and  Be Confident. 


    Selfie Videos are an inexpensive way to really see exactly how others see you.  When looking at yourself you should find one or two things that will improve  how you look and sound.

    Record Your Selfie Video

    This is a great way to improve and  lot of fun.

  • There are things that make working in teams more effective and positive.  Some are your personality, but everyone must also become a "team player".

    Can You Work in a Team?

    Do people want to work with you?

  • Leadership is more than being strong and telling everyone what to do.  Good leaders motivate people to want to do, not be ordered to do.

    Leadership: Are You a Leader?

    How do others see you?



    We often know our bad habits but can not change.  This is the single most effective way to break bad habits.

    Break Bad Habits

    Know and Fix Your Bad Habits. Become Personable!



    When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Difficult situations can lead to long term friendships and cooperation.  It can also lead to bad feelings and  stalled projects.

    Difficult Situations

    Learn How to Make the Tough Decisions Others Won't Resent



    Practice improves confidence.  It can be confusing exactly what to practice and when.  Use the AGILE method used by software developers to know exactly what to do next.

    Put it into Action

    Practice your new skills and see how impressive you are!