The F1 Visa Process is scary for most students and applicants.

 It is not easy to know exactly what to do or what went wrong.

 The information here will help you:

  • Prepare your interview
  • Figure out what went wrong
  • Plan for the next step.

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When students approach the F1 Visa they often aren't informed about exactly what happens and what is required.  Too often they become inventive and create stories to convince the Visa Officer to allow them to get an F1 Visa.  Are you at all nervous or confused?

Most applicants do not know that the Visa officer is required by law to consider appicants immigrants and give them a 214(b) rejection if they in any way show they are not real students.  You can not fool them.

You have one purpose and that is to show your a real student.

They will know exactly what your trying to do and who you are before your interview.  The interview is to see if your an honest person who can communicate well enough.  Any long stories or out of the norm answers will get you a denial.  They interview thousands and are very well trained.  This is your first interview.



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