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The Pronunciation Evaluation Takes 10 Minutes, I will do all the work!

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This Great Offer is a real evaluation by a real pronunciation expert.   It will examine over 20 aspects of your pronunciation.  Just submit a recording from your phone in an email and I will send you the results.  You will also get lots of more free help.

Why I Developed This Evaluation

I started to do this in class at the university.  Class size was about 30 so I needed a way to evaluate them early in the semester so they could have time to fix pronunciation errors before their exams.  

I needed an accurate, fast way and found this to be super effective.


You will know what sounds to practice and learn.


No wasted time on things you are already good at.


Since most students don't have every problem and sound pretty good except for these problem areas, it is a great way to improve your pronunciation very fast.

Awesome features

You will get a couple great lessons then all you need to do it talk into your phone or make a recording and send it to me.

 I listen and evaluate you and send you a complete result in an email. it is very easy!

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