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Don't Worry = Talk 

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Practice Talking First

Lesson 1 Meeting People

(You are both speakers!)
Read and Practice All of This!

Hi, my name is ______, what is your name?
I am ______, nice to meet you.
What city are you from?
I am from "Da Nang"
Do you like Da Nang?

Yes, I love it but is very hot sometimes.
I know.  Do you go to the beach?
Sometimes we go to the beach in the mornings. 
I do not swim but I love the beach.
I love the beach also. Everyone loves it.

Is the food good in your city?
My city has great food. How about yours?
Me too, food is very good and not expensive.

What is your job?
I am a businesswoman.   And you?
I am a businessman. Do you work hard?

Yes, I am very busy.  I like it.  Do you work hard?
Yes I do.  It is great to meet you. I must work now.

Me too, I hope to see you and talk to you again.
Can I get your telephone number or Facebook?

Sure, good idea.
My number is, ready?  123456789 10

Got it!  My number is 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.
I just called you.

I hope to see you and talk to you again. Bye bye!
Got to run now.  I hope to see you again too!  Bye bye
Have a great day!  Talk to you soon!

Lesson 2 Colors

(Hi!  I like colors.
The colors are red, blue, green, yellow,
pink, white, and black.

Red is a red apple.
Blue is the blue sky.
Green is the green grass.
Yellow is a yellow banana.
Pink is a pink dress.
Paper is white.
Black is dark.
I like blue and green because they are like nature.
I like pink and yellow because they are happy.
I like white and black because they are clean.

Red is very nice.

Hi, what is your favorite color?
I love the color blue.  It makes me feel good.
How about you?
I like the color green because it reminds of me of nature.
My daughter loves pink. She is a girl.
My husband likes white shirts and black pants for work.
I like red hats, red apples, and red cherries.
I often wear blue and green shirts.
I never wear pink pants.
I never wear black shirts.
I often wear pink and yellow shirts.
Everyone likes different colors.
Many people think blue is peaceful.
Green is like trees and life.
Pink is love.
Yellow is happiness.
Red is the color of energy.
Black is the color of power.
White is clean and the color of light.

Lesson 3 Hobbies

Hobbies are things I like to do.
I do them when I have free time.
What hobbies do you like to do?
I have many hobbies such as listening to music and traveling.
What hobbies do you like?
I love going to the beach? 
I love going to a cafe with my friends.
I also enjoy listening to music.
My favorite music is traditional music.
How about you?
I listen to kpop and modern music.
That music is for young people.
Traditional music is for my parents and grandparents.

Do you play music?
I play the piano and the guitar.
Can you play music?
I can play the flute and the drums.

Where do you listen to music?
I listen using my phone?
I can listen anywhere.
I listen on my phone too.   It is very easy.

What time of day do you listen to music?
Any time but most often before I go to sleep at night.
I often fall asleep listening to music.

Me too plus I listen with my friends.
Do you ever go out to listen to music?
Sometimes I go but it is local people singing.
Some are very good while others are very bad!
You are right.  I agree 100%.  Some are so bad!
Can you sing?
I can sing but am not very good. How about you?
Good, very good.  I am always asked to sing.
I love to sing.
Maybe someday we can go listen to music or sing together?

I would like that very much. Hope to see you soon!
I hope so too.   See you soon!

Lesson 4 Food

We all love food.
Food is very important with friends and family.
I agree.  Food is best when we share it with others.
I have many great memories of eating and sharing food.
What foods do you like?
I love vegetables and soups and noodles?
I love cheese and pizza.
I also enjoy sweet foods like ice cream.
How about you?
I love grilled food and bbq (barbecue).
I do not like fast food. It is not healthy.

Yes however young people and kids lover fast food.
It is salty and has a lot of oil. It tastes good.

It is also fun to go the restaurants?
Yes, they have parties and give free food.
I like to share food at meals?
Family style eating and sharing.
Yes that is the best way to enjoy food.
It is a good time to talk and enjoy family or friends.

I do like to go out to eat.
No cooking, washing dishes or work.
Yes that is the best part of going out?
Where do you go to eat out?
Any place, but usually somewhere close to my house.
Small local restaurants are the best in my opinion.
I often go with my friends or family.
Me too, they are not very expensive so I can go with my friends.
I like chicken and rice. Have you eaten that?
Oh yes I have.  It tastes great!

I also love street food!
I also love street food but not sure if it is healthy.
Some are and some are not!
Do you think street food is healthy?
I think some are and others are not?
Ice cream, smoothies, very hot foods are ok.
Foods that are not fresh may not be.
I agree.  I think some have good quality food.
Others are more like fast food.
It’s very fun going to them with my friends.
Very cheap too!

Maybe someday we can go eat some food together?
I would like that very much. Hope to see you soon!
I hope so too.   See you soon!

Lesson 5 Family

We all love our family.
Family is very important and so are friends.
I agree.  Family is sharing and caring.
I have many great memories of eating and sharing food with family.
Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons are the main family.

Grandmothers and grandfathers are very helpful and loving.
Aunts, uncles, and cousins are my parent’s families.
Families can meet for dinners and parties and have a lot of fun.
Some families are very big while others are very small.

Each family is different. Some like to go out.
Other families like to stay at home all the time.
I like to go out sometimes but usually stay at home.

Families change all the time. 
As kids grow up the family changes.
When parents are working all the time it is different.
When the parents retire and the kids get married it is different.

Everyone loves little kids. 
Kids are a lot of work but also very fun.
Do kids think parents are fun?

Moms can be fun and sweet but also must be the boss.
Dads think they are the boss.
Kids are often very different from each other.
The same as families are different.
Different but the same in some ways,
All families take care of each other.
All families try to help each other.
All families need each other.

This is the dream.
All families are good and fun.

Lesson 6 Voice Practice

It is a little different.
Just exercising your voice and sounds.

Day 6  Voice Practice and Workout

Apple apples airplane
Baby baby boyfriend
Crazy crazy children
Dirty dirty doghouse

English English Energy
Family families forever
Girlfriend girlfriends gorgeous
Happy handsome hungry

In Love inside In the mood
Jewelry jewels jumping
Kitchen kitchens chicken
Love lover Lovely

Mom mother make
No never not
Ok over on
Phone potato paper

Queen quickly que
Ready really round
Sing swim sleep
Today table tomorrow

Under umbrella up
Very vacation video
Exactly extremely exercise
You yesterday yellow

Zoo Suzie fuzzy

Lesson 7 Today is a Good Day

Today is a day to feel good.
I have practiced for 7 days.
I have read and spoken the lessons at least 28 times!

I made 7 recordings.
This is a lot!  It was easy and I did it!

I did not do 4 lessons a day.
I was busy.
I did not like it.
It was difficult.
It did not help me.

I can do better.
I want to do this.
I do not want to do this.
I am too busy,
I am too lazy.
I am not confident.

I can do this!
I am NOT lazy!
I will be confident!

I need help.
My children help me.
Can you help me?

What do you need?

I do not know how to pronounce the word que.
I can help you.  You should say "k you?
Kyou kyou  que    barbeque!
Wow!  That is easy to do.

I have another question:
How do I pronounce the word "jewelry"
You can say "chju  ell ri"
Jewelry, that is a difficult word but I can do it!
Thank you for helping me.

It’s no problem!
If I can help you I am happy to help you.
Good, I am happy to hear that.
I help may people too!

You help people with English?

NO NO NO  you are funny.
I help people with work, money, and food.
When I help people it makes me happy.
I feel good.
Sometimes it is easy for me to help people.
If I can I will try.
Sometimes people ask me things I do not know.
It is difficult!

I do not ask for help.

I should ask for help, but I don’t want to bother people.

You said helping makes you feel good!
Don’t you want others to feel good?
Yes, but I don’t want to bother anyone.

Yes I understand and feel the same.
We should ask for help.

Yes, I agree, I will try to ask for help.