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This was developed to help university students and IELT students to score high.  Speaking was most student's fear because of pronunciation.  This has proved effective and will help you if you practice.

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My Job was to  Give Tests to Hundreds of Students a Day.

Speaking and Pronunciation Tests.




Public Schools,

Language Centers,

Big Companies....

I became very good at listening to students talk

and in finding their problems.

I becamse super good at helping them fix their problems.

My Job was to give English Speaking Tests to Hundreds of Students a Day.

Pronunciation was an important part.

I became very good at listening to students talk and in finding their problems. How could I help them?

This was why I knew I must give them a way to practice and become good. 

Usually these lessons are given in person and take a few months of class time.

Some students can finish all in one month doing one lessons a day.  It is up to you because you have all the lessons and can practice anywhere anytime.


Kevin - Pronunciation Expert

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We needed to do was to find a way to help hundreds or students quickly because they had tests and exams. 

Knowing the the sounds that  English learners have difficulty producing made it easier to create these lessons. 

Of course thousands of hours teaching pronunciation provided good experience to what works and what is difficult.

Some classes I had students from over 10 countries.  Did you know different countries have different problems?

We made 30+ lessons for these problem sounds.  Each lesson has 5 ways to practice the sound and explains exactly how to make it.

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