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I am learning a very difficult language now = Vietnamese. 

I get laughed at a lot.  Sometimes I think it is funny, other times it makes me feel shy and afraid to talk.   I am sure you have felt this way?  Have you felt this way? 

We must try our best and focus on times when we can communicate.

Kids and Older people are usually more tolerant of language mistakes.  It makes sense.  Kids are more open and everything is crazy and new.  Older people have seen it all and accept things.  Also both groups are not afraid of not understanding.   Many people who laugh may be afraid of not understanding you and feeling stupid themselves.   

Maybe there are two kinds of people.  People who love communicating and are willing to work to understand, and those that don't want to, and we can not force them. 

I travel a lot for work and play, and am amazed how some things are impossible with some people.  Things like asking where the bathroom is:  sometimes and usually it should be easy, other times not and I don't know why!

When things are difficult, use gestures, paper and pencil, google translate, and smile a lot. 

Learn to try until you are successful, even if the other person is difficult to talk to.

Every teacher will tell you that practice is good. 

Trial and error are what help you improve.

Being brave and trying your best will make you confident.

Start To Get Better Now

Very Easy and Fast and Fun

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