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This will take 10 minutes of your time, 

Then I do all the work and get your results to you as fast as possible. 

Then I will send you free resources to improve. 

You can practice and be great according to your schedule.



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Kevin Baratt teaching Speaking English to a class of 100 IELTS Students

Professional English Pronunciation Evaluations

by University English Speaking Lecturers.

You record your voice recording or video of you reading a short story (1-2 minutes). 

This Easy and Inexpensive Evaluation will

Help You to Improve All of These.

Great For All of These and More






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Pronunciation Evaluation


Quickly Find Your Problems 

Help to Fix Your Pronunciation

People will say you sound better!

Thousands of English Learners

Have Improved Pronunciation After Using This. 

Your Results Will Be Accurate and You Will Receive FREE Information About How to Fix Your Errors and Sound Better.