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No Problems at Immigration

Immigration Lines at Airport

When You are standing at Immigration, asking for directions, solving a problem at the hotel, in a taxi, ordering food at a restaurant....

WhAT? Please Repeat? I don't understand.

Can Other People Understand You?

English Evaluation for Travel

I travel a lot.  I always see people having problems at Immigration, Hotels, Taxis, Solving Problems, at the Airport, asking directions...

  I can understand them but others can not.  They are saying the right words, but no one can understand.  Everything would be easier if they had better pronunciation.


More Fun and Easier Travel


No wasted time ad frustration.


Since most of us are foreigners somewhere, we must try and be understood.

Awesome features

You will get a couple great lessons then all you need to do it talk into your phone or make a recording and send it to me.

 I listen and evaluate you and send you a complete result in an email. it is very easy!

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