Speak English Today is for People Who:

Want or Need to Be Good at English 

Are Looking for Easy Ways

to Understand Way To Improve

Feel They Are Tired of Wasting Time

Want Proven Methods

Want to Learn Faster, Much Faster

Have Tried Many Ways 

Don't Know What to Do 

Are Willing to Practice

(It Will Be Easy and Clear) 

Starting By Fixing Pronunciation Problems

Will Help Your Speaking and Confidence.

Question:  Do You Know What to Do Now?

Students tell me:

"I really do not know what to do next,

The things I am doing aren't helping.

 "I do not feel confident,

it makes me feel lazy and tired." 

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Many people feel "stuck in the mud". 

Working Hard, Not feeling progress. 

Are You Trying to Learn Speaking, Grammar, Listening and more all at once? 

Is this effective or somewhat confusing? 

Step by step is the best way for big projects (like English).  

"Hit a Wall" means stopped.  It means that you can't go further.  I know you can. 

In order to keep going it is important to Learn English in ways that are not taught at schools.  

Are You Interested in?

Improving Pronunciation,

Learning About Breathing 

Building Confidence

Increasing English Speaking Level A LOT


This is the easiest and fastest way to

Improve Pronunciation and find and fix problem. 

It is very easy to do and understand.  Anywhere, Any Device, Any Time!

Information about the Pronunciation Evaluation

You should feel good about how you speak.  

You can feel great learning a new language and becoming better each day.

I know that when English it can be confusing what to do and what to practice. 

Unfortunately many schools will keep you very busy, but you don't feel improvement. 

Pronunciation is something you can improve fast. I am 100% sure.

Pronunciation Is: 

The Fastest Thing You Can Improve in English 

The Thing That Will Make You Most Confident 

For Good English Pronunciation You Must:

Learn How to Make the Sounds 

Learn How to Use Breathing 

××× Break Bad Habits

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Improve Pronunciation Very Fast

Pronunciation Evaluation

Takes 10 Minutes, Free Resources and Easy

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