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People often tell us they can't get what they want or need from schools and big time English Businesses.   Unfortunately curriculum is developed for the school or to make money - not for you, not for your needs, and not your goals.

Ask these three questions:

We can help you.

Perhaps These Will Be Helpful?

  1. I have my own ideas and want advice. contact me
  2. I am confused and don't know what to do  contact me
  3. I'm stuck and want to look around and get some ideas. Look Here
  4. I want to study IELTS Information

5 things that are special and different about Speak English Today are that: You can experience a complete program

  1. You can experience a complete program.
  2. We will help you make a plan.
  3. Perfect for today’s busy learners.
  4. Our learners succeed.
  5. Our Powerful Partners.

You can experience a complete program for all levels of learners

We want you to succeed.  Our courses are great for self-study and lessons.
You can see detailed information here.

Using our super easy to use and proven successful courses and methods are perfect for today’s busy learners anytime and anywhere on your phone or any device.

Our learners succeed.
Our students score higher. 
They become more confident.

Most Common Study Programs:

What are these?

  • Getting a Great Speaking Test
  • It’s getting help making a plan
  • Having great resources to practice
  • Knowing that you are improving


So many feel stuck
(Big Rant and Commentary)

We Think:

If students aren't advancing:
teachers, schools, and centers
should be accountable.

"Until you believe you have options,
you will continue to feel stuck"


We Have Options
That Will Help



The Big Problem

"Hitting a Wall" 

Can't Go Ahead


Is Something In Your Way?
What Is In Your Way?

Do You Know?

We did a survey asking this question:

"Is something blocking you from getting your goals?"

Is something in the way?
Are You Satisfied?

Here are the answers,
you may be surprised.
Or, You May
Know These Very Well!


People answered
these are the "problems".


  1. My teachers and school are my problem.  I am not learning as well as I should be.
  2. I am in the way.  I am too lazy.
  3. Big English Industry is the problem.  They make promises that aren't real just so I buy products.
  4. I don't know what to do nor how to do it....so I just look around, watch videos and do not have a clear direction.
  5. Being overwhelmed and way too much to do at one time make me confused and discouraged.
  6. I do not believe I can reach my goals.
  7. I do not know my goals exactly.

You can see
these are very real
and powerful influences.
Difficult to Overcome.



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Why should you do it?  If you are going to watch you tubes and try and learn by yourself, that is great as long as you are satisfied with your progress.  If you re at all disappointed or confused start with 4 lessons and this will help you to clearly know what to do.