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The Big Problem

"Hitting a Wall" 

Not Improving Fast


"Hitting a Wall" 

Can't go further.

 Something in Your Way

Mind Headache and Confusing Methods

Studying Grammar Doesn't Help

Pronunciation Evaluation Helps Fast

sysiphis pushing a rock up a heill

Grammar, Tests, Terrible Listening Recordings....

You know what I am talking about. 

Depressing, Difficult...not confident?

This is 5 minutes of you talking.

Couple hours of practice.

Improve Now Fast

Pronunciation is Physical: Easier and FAST.

Learn Exactly How your mouth, tongue, lips, teeth,

breathing, and throat work together. 

Pronunciation also is the thing that

makes people feel confident and  allows them

to build their language skills.

Happy to collaborate, Share, and Cooperate


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