Improve Faster than you thought possible. 

Did you know that pronunciation is one of the easiest things to be good at in English?   

Think about it:  Listening is difficult because of so many things.  Grammar is difficult because of all the cray English Grammar Rules you must memorize.  Intonation takes lots of hearing how it is used in different situations.     

Pronunciation is physical:  How your mouth, tongue, lips and teeth are positioned.  How much air you use or not use any air. 

I have taught pronunciation for over 20,000 hours in class and given thousands and thousands of pronunciation tests.     

I know exactly how to help you make the phonetic sounds and sound great.   

Listening takes many years.  Grammar may take a lifetime.   

Pronunciation takes a few minutes sometimes!

Proven Effective and EASY.   

 Your friends and family will notice. 

We made this quick home video to show you how an intermediate student and a very beginner with no English at all could both learn just as fast how to pronounce the P and B.  Many people who study for years and years mix up these two sounds. 

Watch them learn how to say it like a pro in a minute or two.

  1. Two Professional Evaluations of you reading (takes 5 minutes) to show before and after improvement. 
  2. Unlimited Email Support and Group Lesson Pass 
  3. Join the Private FaceBook for Fast Answers
  4. Very Easy to Understand Videos to Know How to Form Phonetic Sounds.
  5. Know Exactly What to Study 
  6. Audio Files To Fix Your Problems. 
  7. Lot's of Opportunity to Practice and Improve.

How do you feel about English 2 minute 

Reasons for Learning English 

Which of these do you want in your life? 

What is the best way to get them?

Earn More Money

English can get you jobs, promotions and opportunity.

Hospitality, tourism, executive assistants, translators...

Better Job
Study Abroad

I have taught thousands of students who tell me:

"I really do not know what to do next,

The things I am doing aren't helping.". 

 "I do not feel confident so I feel lazy and tired." 

I can help you find the way, 

      easy to understand ways,   

             effective ways,  

                a lot for free!

     Of course, you must practice.  

Speak English Today's Methods

Simple Methods  

Proven Ways to Improve

Easy to Understand.

Measure Your Improvement.   

Feel Great. 

People Will Notice



These Will Determine How You Feel  

Feeling Good will determine how good you will become at English

Not Improving as much as you want?

You will see improvement immediately.

Are you working hard but aren't satisfied?

People will notice you are better.   

You will know and feel great.

Are you feeling lazy and unmotivated?

This is common. 

It is why people quit. 


Don't quit until you learn more.

Before I teach any student or start any class, I ask students:

What do you need?   What is difficult?  What are your problems? 

You Must Know to learn quickly and effectively.   

  • I will help you stay on track, know exactly what to do to improve really fast.
  • Help you to feel great about your English.
  • You and people around you will notice you are improving.

Your friends and family will notice the difference. 

Fear of Business Meetings

Answering Emails and Calls

Bad CV and Job Interviews

Have You Got Any of These English Problems?

Afraid Talking to People

Don't Know what to say

Fear of making English mistakes or sounding bad.

Writing not organized and format isn't professional

Forget Vocabulary and Mental Block

Can Not Understand Well

You have studied a while and want to be better.

Your Voice is Weak

You don't try and practice every day.

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