Everyone who studies English knows that English is a lot of fun and at times confusing and difficult.  Learning English is very fast at first because it is easy to see improvement. 

After a while it is not as easy to know if you are improving.  You are still getting better but not sure exactly what to do and how to feel better about your English.

 We will help you know what to do and know you are improving. 

Speak English Today will help you to know How to Improve English Pronunciation.   

You will get a High Band Score on IELTS using our IELTS Speaking and Reading Techniques.  

Pass the F1 Visa Interview and Feel Confident.  Study in the USA!

 I promise you will understand and people will notice you are improving. 

 Watch the Video = What People Say.  

  • Immediate Improvement = People Will Notice You Are Better   
  • Easy To Understand  = Step By Step
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Before I teach any student or start any class, I ask students:

What do you need?   What is difficult?  What are your problems? 

Do you know how to answer these? 

Many people when learning a language (myself included) become overwhelmed and stop learning as fast.  At first we learn very fast.  Then it is very slow.  I know why.

  • I will help you stay on track, know exactly what to do to improve really fast.
  • Help you to feel great about your English.
  • You and people around you will notice you are improving.

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Very Easy and Fast and Fun

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Earn More Money

Great Pronunciation and Confidence will help you to earn more money.

Hospitality, tourism, executive assistants, translators...

Better Job
Study Abroad
  • Cool and Interesting Email Tips and Tricks
  • Free Private Facebook Group for Questions 
  • Become Part of the Speak English Today Community

Will English Pronunciation by Speak English Today Help Improve Your Speaking English?

⇒   It's been completely tested and works.  Every time.

⇒   This method was developed during over 20,000 hours of testing. 

⇒   You probably do not have as many problems as you think.  But you repeat the same problems many times so you have many mistakes.  The mistakes are all the same sound.  Fix that and you sound better.   

»  Improve Fast

»  Know Exactly What To Do

»  Learn the Fastest Ways To Learn


What You Can Expect to Improve with English Pronunciation.

Now you can:

Identify your pronunciation problems

Know your weakness

Get Free Resources

Help you to become much better.

Attain Your Goals

Sound Great

Read, Record, Send

She was almost perfect before the test. 

Now she can fix her last little pronunciation problems.

Using English for work and talking on the phone.

Her pronunciation will help her get promoted and more sales


University Lecturer and Master of Media teaching in English in South East Asia.  English is his third language.  Although he is already fluent 100% he wanted to fix his last pronunciation problems.  This test helped him do this very fast.

Good Pronunciation except for 3 sounds. 

Soon to be perfect!

I have taught and helped students in many companies, government programs, teacher training, IELTs, university lecturer, teens and kids..... 

English Language Learners should be successful and confident.  This is my life's goal.  I believe in this because I have seen it is effective.   Here are some programs we have helped recently:

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Very Easy and Fast and Fun

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Do You Think "My Pronunciation is Not Good"

Do you ever feel fear or worry before speaking? 

Worry comes from not being able to express yourself and pronunciation problems. 

Many of my students will say they have many mistakes.  I disagree.  I know they have some mistakes but that they are repeated over and over. 

Most know some of the mistakes but not exactly.  This will give exact information.  Fix these and improve a lot!

Imagine feeling great about pronunciation?   

♦ Imagine knowing during a test that you sound good!

♦ How would it feel to not have to worry before speaking?

How Speak English Today English Pronunciation is Used

We give you short story and some words to read outloud and record. (3 or more minutes)

You record your voice or selfie video and send to us. 

⇒ Professional Native Teachers evaluate your speaking.

⇒ Then you will get a VERY detailed evaluation.

⇒  As a bonus you will get free help to fix the problems.  There will be a worksheet, email, and videos!

Speak English Today English Pronunciation Evaluation Has Worked for Thousands

Students often tell me  about when they began Speaking English.

It was fun and exciting. and learned really fast and how great it felt.

Then came verbs, grammar, idioms, tests, pressure, vocabulary.....

These are important however pronunciation is the most important. 

This test is like a laser pointing to exactly the things you must fix.

No Confusion.  Fix the problems.  You really don't have many.

Why is it Only $18.99 one payment (or 2 payments of $10) ?

  1. We specialize in pronunciation and have given many tests. 
  2. I want to make people love English. 
  3. Ever take a car or bike to a good mechanic,  they start it for 10 seconds and know the problem? 
  4. They know what to listen for 🙂   

Your friends and family will notice the difference. 

Details of Speak English today Pronunciation Evaluation

  • Test you for sounds that are not pronounced correctly.   
  • You receive a detailed report by Native English Speaking University Lecturers
  • You will receive additional free information about how to correct your mistakes.
  • Inexpensive and all the Free Resources. 

History of English Pronunciation Evaluation: How it Was Developed

Each month I teach English Speaking to hundreds of students for B1.2, C, IELTs, and Interviewing preparation.  I had to find a way to test and keep track of exactly what they were doing right and their mistakes.  It was so difficult until I started using these survey forms and checked off information about each student.  

This provides clear and exact information in easy to understand form so students can use the information to focus on their problems.  That way they can fix their pronunciation problems and improve.

Proof of Effectiveness of Best Pronunciation Evaluation

I teach thousands of students 4 skills.  Many are surprisingly good at reading or writing, and some even listening!  About 10-20% love to talk.   When I ask students the first day, (I always ask), what is your biggest problem in English? Almost all talk about confidence, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar. 

After teaching them I soon find out these things:

  • They know a lot of vocabulary but not how to use it quickly.
  • They are not confident because I am a foreigner. 
  • They have a lot of ideas they want to say but do not know how to start.
  • Their biggest fear is bad pronunciation.

I teach and have taught many different skills and levels of English.  B, C, IELTS,  TOIEC,  Soft Skills, Business, Interviews.... kids, adults, public schools, university students, and students wanting to study abroad. 

The single most powerful way to improve English Skills and Confidence is to improve pronunciation.   I decided to focus a large part of my online resources to helping more people with this skill.

But there was a big problem: Testing is time consuming, expensive, and possibly not focused on important aspects.  Students get a band score, or other method of measuring that does not explain the problems.

When I teach or give pronunciation tests (thousands a quarter) I use a cheat sheet to help myself fairly evaluate my students. 

Then  realized, this could be used to evaluate students that live anywhere in the world. 

This is the perfect tool to use for pronunciation and how students sound. You will get detailed info on exactly the sounds to improve.

Are Any of These Your English Problems?

It is normal to have many or even all of these Problems When Learning and Speaking English.  I do surveys and these are very, very common answers to questions about Learning English Problems.

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Have You Got Any of These English Problems?

Fear of Business Meetings

Answering Emails and Calls

Bad CV and Job Interviews

Afraid Talking to People

Don't Know what to say

Fear of making English mistakes or sounding bad.

Writing not organized and format isn't professional

Forget Vocabulary and Mental Block

Can Not Understand Well

You have studied a while and want to be better.

Your Voice is Weak

You don't try and practice every day.

If you answer yes to these problems it means you are normal.

 Unfortunately English is often taught by studying grammar and vocabulary.  

I teach something else.  I teach students to be confident and strong.  

How to remember vocabulary.

Knowing how to answer and ask questions.  

If you answered that you suffer from some of these common English problems, it is time to change and Learn English the Right Way.

Start To Get Better Now

Very Easy and Fast and Fun

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