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You can visit our Learning Pages to understand about how people learn a language and improve speaking or to get free video and audio lessons on pronunciation. 

If you want to have some fun you can take some quizzes to determine how you feel about English or read a cute story with audio and text to practice followed by some discussion questions. 

People learn faster and better when they are motivated and enjoy learning English. 

That is our goal. 

Speak English Today uses methods that have been proven effective, easy to understand, and the ways you can practice.  

You can feel good about how you speak.  

You should feel great learning a new language and becoming better each day. 


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Did you know that pronunciation is one of the easiest things to be good at in English?   

Think about it:  Listening is difficult because of so many things.  Grammar is difficult because of all the crazy English Grammar Rules you must memorize.  Intonation takes lots of hearing how it is used in different situations.     

I have taught pronunciation for over 20,000 hours in class and given thousands and thousands of pronunciation tests.     

I know exactly how to help you make the phonetic sounds and sound great.   

Listening takes many years.  Grammar may take a lifetime.   

Pronunciation takes a few minutes sometimes!

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All the ways reading can help you.

Are These Important To You?

Simple Methods  

Proven Ways to Improve

Easy to Understand.

Measure Your Improvement.   

Feel Great. 

People Will Notice

Over 30 Free Audio and Video Lessons

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Improve Pronunciation Very Fast

Pronunciation Evaluation

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Includes All of These 

  1. Two Professional Evaluations of you reading (takes 5 minutes) to show before and after improvement. 
  2. Unlimited Email Support and Group Lesson Pass 
  3. Join the Private FaceBook for Fast Answers
  4. Very Easy to Understand Videos to Know How to Form Phonetic Sounds.
  5. Know Exactly What to Study 
  6. Audio Files To Fix Your Problems. 
  7. Lot's of Opportunity to Practice and Improve 

Here are 3 Fun and Easy Quizzes:

What do you like about English?

Reasons for Learning English 

Which of these do you want in your life? 

What is the best way to get them?

I have taught thousands of students who tell me:

"I really do not know what to do next,

The things I am doing aren't helping.

 "I do not feel confident so I feel lazy and tired."

"Know Exactly What To Do"

Before I teach any student or start any class, I ask students:

What do you need?   What is difficult?  What are your problems? 

You Must Know to learn quickly and effectively.   

  • I will help you stay on track, know exactly what to do to improve really fast.
  • Help you to feel great about your English.
  • You and people around you will notice you are improving.

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